Clip In Hair Extensions Review: My Fantasy Hair♡

Open me for more information! ♡ *FYI: I’m not wearing the extensions in the beginning of the video. I show how I clip them in towards the end :) MY EXTENSIONS: Deluxe 20″ Extensions in 1B ESPRESSO (180g) with Natural Ends– 9.99 Length options: 14″ 150g 18″ 160g 20″ 180g 24″ 190g 26″ 210g -FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the US. – Shipping for orders OUTSIDE of the US. -100% Human Remy Hair *Questions or need help finding your shade? ♡TWITTER: ♡♡FACEBOOK: ♡♡♡INSTAGRAM: SMLx0 WHAT AM I WEARING? ♡ TOP: Victoria’s Secret EYES: UD Sin, Naked, Buck Eyeshadows, NYC Liquid Liner, Jordana Best Lash Extreme FACE: Clinque Stay Matte Foundation #19, NYX Matte Bronzer Deep Tan, MAC Warm Soul Blush LIPS: MAC A Perfect Day/Honey Love Lipstick, L’Oreal Baby Blossom Lipgloss NAILS: Revlon Café Pink MUSIC CREDIT: “The Owl Named Orion” by Dan-O at *These extensions were sent to me for my consideration. These are my honest opinions, as always.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. labarbi5 says:

    Also headkandy sells quad wefts as well sepratly :) and the fantasy hair does to :)

  2. labarbi5 says:

    Hollyj broke in that website they do sell just the quad weft & its arnd 138$ they have 18″ 20″ and 16″ i think :)

  3. 1raychel4 says:

    wow they look good. i just bought some on ebay for 60$ and there 180g of hair i hope there good!! get them in a week.

  4. hollyj brooks says:

    steph i hope you reply, i was wondering. is it possible to just get the quad weft instead of the whole set? and i just died my hair not long ago “natural black” by john frieda, do you think i should get the espresso color aswell cause i have dark brown undertones aswell.. and do you know any other hair extensions site were they just sell the quad weft for any cheaper?

  5. vlitten19 says:

    I just bought these & i loveeeee them!!!

  6. 18missmarch says:

    …you look extacly like MEgan Fox :) you’re gorgeous and the hair is so nice! go you dye it or is the colour your natural tone?

  7. Jasmine C says:

    I’ve had hair extensions before.. though none of them really survived through curlers, straighteners and even, hair shampoos/conditioners. After the first time use, a massive amount of split ends seem to form. Are the Fantasy’s easily damaged also?

  8. britt whitlock says:

    u look like channing tatums wife. idk her name though

  9. Esthera Moldova says:

    what other company’s do u prefer that have the quad weft included with a reasonable price???

  10. SMLx0 says:

    about a week i think!

  11. LadyCrystal0721 says:

    How fast was shipping ??

  12. bgrech11 says:

    @SMLx0 what color and brand do you use to color your hair? Love your vids btw!!!

  13. anumanumz says:

    these look way better than the luxy hair extensions…i hate mine :(

  14. Bre irene says:

    thanks so much im sold :)

  15. SMLx0 says:

    i’ve tried luxy and these are so much better! SKR is also great too, their clips are very comfy! just included them in my Oct favs :)

  16. SMLx0 says:

    they are both really great. granted I’ve had the SKR for not as long, but they’re really great. I actually prefer the clips of the SKR :) but they quality and thickness is pretty much equal!

  17. Bre irene says:

    so you would rather have skr?

  18. Bre irene says:

    would recommend these or the skr ? which ones would you rather have? im in need of new color just want some input thanks :)

  19. leclec2011aa says:

    Do you still recommend these kind of extensions, I wear luxy hair extensions and their good but I feel they shed alot and your extensions look thick which i love! and I found you by carli! love you both! (:

  20. SMLx0 says:

    not anymore! but in this video i think it was

  21. SMLx0 says:

    i don’t but only because my hair isn’t black anymore! :)

  22. madessian says:

    just bought my first extensions from fantasy. crossing my fingers!

  23. arielQt666 says:

    Can you get a discount code for us please?!

  24. Bre irene says:

    just wondering do you still really like these extensions? would you repurchase?

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