Bleaching & Dying My Hair BLUE!

I’m not a professional! Did this on a whim… Wanted a change, and decided to try out some BLUE hair color! What do you guys think? Video Review On This Ha…

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  1. Tashay Guthrie says:

    I love watching these types of tutorials

  2. dsrko darko says:

    why do u need even hair,ur all covered up

  3. Nadine Herrera says:

    I use that Adore color too!! xD

  4. Malisha Whigham says:

    You got it on your carpet

  5. daisy jay says:

    wow loved it!

  6. mlg11able says:

    Which product of shampoo & conditioner do you use on any virgin hair?

  7. Aisha Nachalle says:

    Did it shed?

  8. Faith Bartelse says:

    did it stay nice??

  9. Santos Cobrar rubias says:

    i do have dark brown hair

  10. jessiemae13jm says:

    I love this look but I wanna use purple instead of blue. Did bleqching the hair change the quality or texture of it??

  11. Belle Papillon says:

    Does rinse rub off on your clothes ? I’m thinking about rinsing my natural hair

  12. Tiffany Jean says:

    all my bundles are going to be the same length so i could i do the blue with only one bundle and still achieve this look?

  13. ayannaefaye says:

    hi question is okay to color you hair such fun color as blue with the hijab?

  14. Micaela Bell says:

    This looks so good! You did SUCH a good job!! :)

  15. tommandsarahh says:

    No no no, was way to runny and the peroxide would weaken the bleach making it less blonde but like you said your not a professional so just take this feedback and reflect on it:) like everyone says you learn from your experiences :)

  16. Destaney Moore says:

    How many hair I have to bleach for my back ?

  17. sarah duong says:

    I <3 the music

  18. backsyncfan says:

    yes it def can be done on your real hair. however, i prefer to dye extensions so i don’t damage my own hair

  19. summer clements says:

    She sounds like angela simmons :)

  20. Abby Garnalicios says:

    Could I just do it straight to my hair, or should I use extensions so i dont burn my ends?

  21. princessivythorn says:

    looks super pretty !!!! I want that look …

  22. gymnasticsgirl1202 says:

    Everybody whos asking about the song, READ THE DESCRIPTION. It’s not that hard, and it’s called common sense.

  23. Damaris Varner says:

    EVERYONE!!!!: The name of the song is- Katerina Graham – Sassy. Unfortunately I couldn’t find THIS exact version. But yea- here’s the song.

  24. Salimatou Kaba says:

    that came out really pretty

  25. dekaylawilliams2003 says:

    Luv it

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