Black man on Natural sisters and weave heads.

My opinion on the situation of modern black feminist styles.
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  1. livin kitten says:

    thank you for appreciating natural. we appreciate it.

  2. TheZEALOT120 says:

    And the T-Dot got alot of beautiful Sistas from what I been told by my cousin who stayed there a little while with his ex-girlfriend. And from what I can see from being on youtube I guess I need to move Canada? LOL!


  3. TheZEALOT120 says:

    Yeah u right, And I noticed they will put up some real videos from time to time tho, So its worth a try. Truth can can sometimes be found in the strangest places.

  4. boboshantist says:

    I see worldstarhiphop as a negative to the black community as well but given its owned by a black person and is as influential as it is. Any movements we make wshh would be an asset as far as advertising and dialogue.

  5. TheZEALOT120 says:

    “WorldStarHipHop” ha there all about making money and help making us look bad in the process.

    But we gonna get to the promise land We just have to keep fighting

    Salem Bredren

  6. boboshantist says:

    You know it man and yes i live in Toronto, I think the hair issue is the root of self hate and the lack of dignity and if we spearhead it we can totally change in 1 generation but it will take a centralized black media source. Worldstarhiphop is perfect but I dont know what those guys are about really.

  7. TheZEALOT120 says:

    I guess so, Cause I see Canada on your profile! Big up to the “T-DOT” Even here in the U.S alot of Sistas seem to be goin natural So That Devil cant stop revolution of the mind,

  8. TheZEALOT120 says:

    Oh yeah did you say you from the T-DOT?

  9. TheZEALOT120 says:

    Yeah man you were on point its so simple but alot of our people are still colonized mentaly, Me having a Black woman with weave or perm in her head to me thats say’s I have a woman thats been colonized or conquered by another race of men, and that she will always belong to them. So by her having her hair natural she will have to except who she is hopefully from the inside and out because she stand’s out. And we R different from the so-called white(pink man) we need to embrace it Gods creation

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