1. twin8tj says:

    I agree that lots of people are uneducated and dnt believe that black girls can take care of there hair and actually have nice length.

  2. mspeel1234 says:

    That’s bs cause my hair is to my back

  3. gabby142812 says:

    That is just plain rude to call our hair nappy.It is not nappy it is curly .

  4. Jada Tellis says:

    he is disrespectful and I would have gave him a couple of my words or wisdom because my little cousin hair is like “white girls hair” and she is 9 and mines is a good length since I cut it

  5. saechristian11 says:

    black people grow hair. my hair is over my shoulder. i think that boy you talking bout is a hater.

  6. Pandy Monium says:

    NOT FOR ME! Been short and nappy all my life. And I’m not trolling, either. My mama didn’t believe in perms, and tried to use good oils and moisturizers on my hair as a child. For all her hard work, what do I get? NAPPINESS! My hair is still short and nappy. Look like some black fungus took over my scalp and decided to grow. I’m sorry, I’m just so frustrated….don’t know what to do now. :(

  7. bola graph says:

    Why is the Afro hair industy worth billions? If we love our hair so much why do we find alternatives? Because its…NAPPY.

  8. bola graph says:

    In all fairness, you have to ask yourself this question, why do black women relax and wear artificial hair? Because for most of us its nappy. The boy has a point. I dont think he meant to offend but imagine this senario, if every single relaxer and wig were do disappear from the planet, most about 97% of us would be natural. why does beyonce wear wigs, Wendy willams. because like the most of us we dont like our hair. in the vidoe I see you don’t even have your natural hair, it looks relaxed.

  9. Hersheycookiez says:

    This really makes me upset because people always assume that I have weave in my hair and I’m 14… I’ve never worn weave in my life and I even proved them it was my real hair… all because it was long? Not every black person with long hair wears weave and not every black person wears weave… I know ALOT do … which is probably the reason those boys had that thought of what black people hair is like :L

  10. Nisa Alidemovic says:

    Everybody is pretty short or long hair my hair is long and brown and I’m white and I know black people with long hair and its real

  11. Fatima Lyda says:

    Preach,! I got short hair too and it is hard because it don’t grow and in my religion I am not allowed to wear weave

  12. Taiesha Smith says:

    Exactly I be getting so offended cuz I’m not even mixed and I have good hair. And I live in a dry states sometimes I wear extensions to help grow my hair out

  13. syntiria3 says:

    i enjoy this video so much. 

  14. Leona Smith says:

    I have a good grade of hair i can have a huge bun and puff ball ppl say i have good hair cause im mixed with creole my hair used to be sooooo long but it fell out….. smh….

  15. miraclelarry256 says:


  16. miraclelarry256 says:

    I’m black and my hair is long af and sometimes I with I could cut it but my mom wont let me :( but ya that fucked ul

  17. lyncii123 says:

    Wait the bottom part of my ribs!!

  18. lyncii123 says:

    I’m black and my hair touch the top part of my ribs (if that makes sense) and I always get this comment, omg you have white people hair and I honestly think that’s wrong for him to state that comment because its very untrue! Your pretty tho! (:

  19. sexehchica18 says:

    TLC is the trick and a lot of people don’t want to deal with it natural hair isn’t easy it takes alot of work and most don’t want to put in the time and end up turning to perms!

  20. sexehchica18 says:

    It’s just a matter of having enough confidence to love yourself and your hair despite what others say and do! It also takes time! And you have to deal with shrinkage! And I mean your hair when u flat iron it could be down to your need but when it’s in it’s natural state it’s just barely past your shoulders!

  21. sexehchica18 says:

    They assume every black person has what they call and what now has us (African Americans) referring to as nappy! And tell us we need relaxers to straighten our hair! All that does is make our hair weak and fragile and break off which in turn makes are hair short and dry and not able to retain length! Most women when they go natural and embrace there hair and start taking proper care of it it does grow!! I know! I’m transiting right now my hair is getting longer.

  22. sexehchica18 says:

    That shit right there is what pisses me off. Black people can grow there hair long! But for so long we’ve been told are hair is bad or we have ” bad hair”. So to fix this we, well most people of african decent perm (get a relaxer) or flat iron it all the time to get their hair to be straight or look like people of European descent because that’s what society says is beautiful not our curls, kinks, waves, and coils!

  23. Danielle taylor says:

    You ra

  24. precious cole says:

    Im all natural since Nov. and all i can say is that my hair is nappy as shit. I did the big chop and i use lots of moisturizer. Black women are beautiful but most of us do have nappy hair. Im one of them. Im still all natural just under my weave. If you are one of the black girls with long flowing hair count yourself as one of the lucky ones.

  25. kiama531ify says:

    Im a black girl & I have a nice grade of hair that goes past my shoulders & my sisters hair goes all the way down her back!

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