Add Root Realness to Blonde Wigs ♥ Remy H/H

Please open and read. Disclaimer: I am not a colorist. I used my “common” hair sense and basic instruction. Use my tutorial at your own risk. Original Janet Collection “Princess” 100% Remy HH Wig Review – Updated Review of this same wig – Original Wig Before Update Detailed description- *Janet Collection 100% Remy Human Hair in “Princess” *Color: Blonde Piano FR613/27 *Parting Lace in front center: 3.5+ inches (very nice amount!) *Length (from top of head): 18-19 inches It is now sold out from where I purchased from… *Purchased from ***But it is available at another site from last I checked for 9.99 USD http DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated with any of these mentioned companies. The opinions are strictly mine and are for entertainment purposes only.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. rhocDaVegan says:

    …thanks, sweetie.. Appreciated! =)).....No actually the hair mascara (usually sold for growing out grey hair) doesn’t work I repeat… DOES NOT WORK…it’s too messy, doesn’t really properly dry and gets on the lace…To dye roots in with permanent or semi permanent hair dyes works better…I did make a vid on using Prismacolor markers for synthetic wigs also…hope that helps =))

  2. SorayaLuloah says:

    You’re pure joy! Just watched this with my mum, and she said that we should do it, it will be an adventure! I have a few questions, eheh. The hair mascara that you used, is black? Do they have dark brown? And when you apply it, how long does it take to dry? If you wash it, it will came out? I’m sorry if these are a little bit dumb questions, but I’m perplex of how genius you are with the hair, I can’t believe it! And it took me 2 days to believe it was hair mascara!!! Thanks! Be blessed!

  3. rhocDaVegan says:

    …thanks, sweetie.. Appreciated! =))...

  4. SwTLaughinLivinLovin says:

    Thank you so much for this you saved my wig and me money knowing this I don’t have to steer clear of wigs cause the lack of roots make it look to wiggy. Thanks

  5. rhocDaVegan says:

    ..thanks sweetie, Appreciated!…=))..Ur positive word mean a lot!

  6. kgamep says:

    Love the tips. This technique looks like something even an inexperienced person can try. You have such a sweet personality, too! It really makes a difference with so many videos out there to choose from. Thanks!

  7. rhocDaVegan says:

    ..I don’t worry about knots too much, they will get dyed with the root..can’t see a way around it…blonde hair does not show the knots as much as dark hair I find (until u put the dark root… ??)…so once the root is in my guess is it would have to be re bleached as if it were a dark wig to begin with…if the knots bothered you which for me I’m not bothered by it…=))

  8. dragonchickx says:

    how do you avoid the knots if you want to keep them bleached?

  9. rhocDaVegan says:

    …thanks, sweetie…Appreciated!…

  10. rhocDaVegan says:

    …thanks, sweetie…Appreciated!…

  11. rhocDaVegan says:

    …thanks, sweetie…Appreciated!…

  12. Oxana B says:

    omg brilliant! absolutely genius and gorgeous. this is real pro tutorial. thank you so much!

  13. melony23mj says:

    Thanks im jus checc n out most.of ur videos very.helpful

  14. TheJuicydestiny says:

    the wig i just bought has blonde highlights so I’m going to add a makes it look more natural. Thank you for all your tutorials!..

  15. TheJuicydestiny says:

    the wig i just bought has blonde highlights so I’m going to add a makes it look more natural. Thank you for all your tutorials!..

  16. rhocDaVegan says:

    …thanks, sweetie…Appreciated!…Anyone can do it, it’s hella work but it’s worth it in the end …I can’t sell my babies…hehehe :) )

  17. LB326 says:

    OMG this wig is perfect, you need to make it and sell it! I’d so buy it. Hard to get a wig that has roots!!

  18. rhocDaVegan says:

    ..I have considered doing that (I have hella Prismacolor markers from yrs of art school) but I tried the root stuff for hair first, then when it failed I was like whatever, but marker would not have residue like hair mascara..the prob might be the probability of coloring the lace or skin top with the marker…I hope you try it (on a test wig in the back I guess…hehehe)..I have possibly another way but we’ll see if I post it…whether it works or not we should post…cheers :) )

  19. daniyellybelly says:

    Have you ever tried using markers to dye synthetic hair? I recently just bought a Prismacolor marker at the art store to color one of my blonde synthetic wigs…I’m going to do a tutorial on it sometime in the near future. :)

  20. rhocDaVegan says:

    …I guess she means “me”….lol…yeah if I were to do it again I would make it ALOT shorter…thx for checking it out anyway…:))

  21. rhocDaVegan says:

    …thanks sweetie xoxo :) )

  22. mz jazzy says:

    she has good advise she just talks sooo long

  23. rhocDaVegan says:

    …sometimes you have to find out for yourself, I guess…hehehe…ur like me :) )

  24. curlideva says:

    Super cute thanks for sharing!!

  25. ExtensionOfDenim says:

    there is tons of blonde synthetic wigs with dark roots, they just cost more lol be careful when u shampoo that wig from now on. if the temp color runs down and sits on the bleached hair it will stain it and possibly ash out the blonde. just like u said bleached hair, or any damaged hair for that matter, is like a sponge, it will grab things quickly. coat the blonde hair with cond every time u wash it. maybe go back in with perm level 2-3 color when that washes out :)

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