27 Piece Sew In (No Glue)

Heyyy Everyone, This Is A Video Of Me Preparing My Hair For My Birthday (October 14th). This Is Not Exactly A Tutorial Because I Do Not Go Into Detail As To …

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  1. NickalaJimele says:

    @shamataz I go around. Never through it will damage the needle.

  2. Shamataz says:

    when you sewed the hair did you go through the weft or around it?

  3. NickalaJimele says:

    I closed it with the closure piece that came in the box with the 27 piece. Then I kinda razored layers to get a blended look.

  4. NickalaJimele says:

    I just used a regular cap. And no certain pattern just try to avoid lumpy braids. Thankx please let me know how this works out for you.

  5. NickalaJimele says:

    Sorry lol I should be uploading more soon. Be on the lookout..

  6. NickalaJimele says:

    1 Pack of the 27 Piece Milky Way..

  7. QueinSiingah says:


  8. theab3182 says:

    I wish i could c how u closed the top. But i love it!!!

  9. TheVBROWNIN says:

    Girlllllllll ur amazing to see that hair in sewed in do the damn thing !!!!!

  10. trayce meme says:

    How much pack of 27 Milky Way u use?

  11. tlntyus says:

    Really like good job!

  12. angelpookieschild says:

    Cute!!! I wish you showed how you did the front lol

  13. laila hill says:

    never seen it sewed in that’s smart. u did a great job.

  14. sasha johnson says:

    girl u gooooood. when u see a woman can sew in a 27, or a 28 peice they are really gifted! keep doing ur thang gurl!!!

  15. Deshee04 says:

    What kind of wig cap did you use? Did you braid you hair in.a certain pattern? I love what you did to your hair & I want to try this on my head

  16. nikettamae says:

    U go gurl

  17. Liz Haut says:

    i love it

  18. KOKOE ANDERSON says:

    Omg I could never sew in a 27piece great job… really nice

  19. Jennifer Bentz says:

    blue? you an aggie?

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