100% remy wig-Destiny…Freaking luv it

This is my review of the Saga 100% remy wig-Destiney. I absolutley love this wig. I purchased it from hairsisters.com for 43.99. I have the color NTF144/350/99J. Also check out my video where I cut this wig into a bob!! I have had this wig for 6 months and its still pretty as ever! youtu.be Thanks for tuning in and dont forget to sub because there will be more wig reviews!! Follow me on Instagram @ lakiesha1186

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  1. shanaconstan says:

    beautiful and natural looking!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. midnight12amful says:

    very cute on u & ur video was very well helpful thanks so much great info about the wig

  3. 701kimmie says:

    Great Video–do more!!


  4. TatumMcNichole says:

    I bought this wig 2 days ago from the beauty supply and paid a good $30 more for it so I’ll make a notation to order it online the next time around. It looks absolutely gorgeous on you, I’m still working on how to get my real hair flat enough so it will look just as nice.

  5. MissChynaDoll1986 says:

    Thanks, I had to do something. My hair is so damaged from the highlights

  6. Dallasgurl214318 says:

    cute girlie

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