❤ Elite Lengths Review

http://www.elitelengths.com Virgin Brazilian Body Wave Hair Lengths: 14, 16, 18, and 20 inches Discount Code: Morgan15.

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  1. danielle30294 says:

    I’m going thru a bit of a hair crisis too! How do you maintain your curls at night before bed?

  2. ayeetiara says:

    did you get weave right after your big chop?

  3. koolkat12love says:

    Btw love your hair

  4. koolkat12love says:

    Why am i not aloud to like ur video? Its not allowing me.

  5. scalle2009 says:

    Very pretty! I LOVE that closure!!

  6. CusImTori says:

    Good video but girl that sameeee BOX IS IN ALL YOUR VIDEOS!! do a video of showing us what is in it! Im curious!!(its always there)

  7. mrichard8750 says:

    where is your closure from?

  8. Kamera Bruce says:

    IM SO GLAD ONE OF THE HAIR” GURUS” DID A REVIEW FOR Elite Lengths. They are the BOMB this is my second time using them and I fell in love EVER TIME!!! packaging is fab and hair is fab and most of all GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE they will be my ONLY virgin hair supplier!!! you look great Morgan :) and I love your voice !!

  9. brittsemone says:

    Is that the silk base closure? If so, can you do a video talking more about it? I think I want one, and I trust your videos lol.

  10. crystal mcleod says:

    it’s her teeth she always sounds that way

  11. crystal mcleod says:

    it’s her teeth she always sounds that way

  12. nhines05 says:

    Could you one day do a video about the do’s and dont’s when washing your hair extensions.

  13. cicibradley says:


  14. Angie R says:

    Link doesn’t work. your voice sounds weird like stuffy ugh

  15. ModelH2T says:

    I am having a 4 bundle virgin hair sale starting at $250. Modelh2tvirginhair. Bigcartel. Com

  16. tommieboo14 says:

    Hey Morgan put a rinse in color on the hair!!! It really works!!

  17. Arrogance Cherry says:

    Which hair company you like best belle or this one ?

  18. alimah cochran says:


  19. alimah cochran says:

    Your has been looking amazing in your ig pics please show us how you do it

  20. MsNYtoTX says:

    Love this length on you

  21. Mel Mark says:

    Maybe this video was recorded before she got her braces

  22. GGFabulous AndTheyKnowIt says:

    what kind of closure is that?

  23. Jazlynn87 says:

    Just tried it didn’t work

  24. lovelylaughs88 says:

    Where are your braces????

  25. Tiana Lewis says:

    Did you get your braces?

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