★ 36 ★ Natural Hair | Crochet Braids/Flat Twist (Protective Style)

HEY THERE!! READ ME PLEASE So i’m up to it again. lol Here’s another protective style. Hope you like :) I have linked some videos below that may answ…
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  1. immaDstarra says:

    almost a month

  2. immaDstarra says:

    almost a month

  3. arncmor says:

    How long did this style last with you doing flat twists instead of cornrows?

  4. Ryngleeda says:

    How long did it last with the twist

  5. immaDstarra says:

    Thanks hun!

  6. Heather Alease says:

    I love it…you’re method of crochet is easier….it looks so pretty on you…Good Job

  7. immaDstarra says:

    Thanks so much :) 

  8. moefos says:

    You did a great job!!!!!! It looks very pretty on you

  9. immaDstarra says:


  10. ilygirlpeace97 says:

    I love this! Take a look at my crochet video!

  11. immaDstarra says:

    Thank you :) 

  12. immaDstarra says:

    Thanks so much :)

  13. MissBarbieCMx says:

    You’re so cute

  14. lovenaturally4all says:

    This is so cute ! I like the method you used too tie the hair ;) . good job .

  15. immaDstarra says:

    That’s great hun ;)

  16. Renee Collins says:

    I’m inspired !! I’m def gonna try this!

  17. immaDstarra says:

    Thanks! Give it a try :)

  18. nyrew06 says:

    I like the shape. I don’t know how to cornrow either I may try this. I had them twice before but my cousin did them

  19. immaDstarra says:


  20. Sweetheartbabez says:

    looks very natural

  21. immaDstarra says:

    Thanks! a month

  22. immaDstarra says:

    Thank you

  23. Rume Ameke says:

    This is beautiful. How long did the hair extensions last? Did it frizz quickly? Many Thanks

  24. Lue Massey says:


  25. immaDstarra says:

    Thanks hun :) 

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