You Decide What My Next Hairstyle Should be + Why I wear such “Crazy” hairstyles

Cipriana and Nikisha of In episode 14 we want you to decide what Cipriana’s next hairstyle tutorial should be, also Cipriana discusses why she wears “crazy” updo hairstyles. To view larger pictures of selected hairstyles featured in episode 14, visit and type in our search engine “My Next Hairstyle Tutorial Should Be”.
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  1. UrbanBushBabes says:

    Thank you -Cipriana

  2. UrbanBushBabes says:

    YES!!! So glad you found us and I am never going to let others dictate what they think I should look like. The idea alone is incredibly hilarious! Thank you so much for your support <3 <3 <3 Cipriana

  3. UrbanBushBabes says:

    HAHAHAHA, thank you <3 Cipriana

  4. UrbanBushBabes says:

    Thank you so much. Your words are really appreciated and yes I agree! True beauty is when you are completely yourself!!! <3 Cipriana

  5. UrbanBushBabes says:

    Thank you so much and no I do not. I only finger detangle ;D Cipriana

  6. UrbanBushBabes says:

    This is so good to hear, this couldn’t make me more happy that you will do you <3 Cipriana

  7. UrbanBushBabes says:

    Thank you so much, I think so as well ;D Cipriana

  8. UrbanBushBabes says:

    Thank you so much and always will be respectful. So glad you found us and thank you for your support <3 Cipriana

  9. UrbanBushBabes says:

    Thank you ;DDD Cipriana

  10. UrbanBushBabes says:

    Thank you so much and wonderful to hear!!! Your words really mean a lot <3 Cipriana

  11. habibijan says:

    Nice shirt.

  12. Sophia Michelle says:

    I just came across your channel and got some wonderful tips! I think your hair is absolutely beautiful girl! It really angers me when people push what they perceive in their minds as the ideal standard of beauty onto someone else. Who the hell do these small minded people think they are! how does wearing your hair up all the time distort your beauty! what a load of nonsense! It don’t matter what they think, its what you LOVE and BELIEVE that matters
    Massive support from London, United Kingdom :)

  13. AmberAuNaturel says:

    “I LOVE IT.. I don’t like it… I LOVE IT GOT DAMNIT” Keep doing you! I love it!:)

  14. essencemil says:

    I love your confidence! I wish more woman with our kind of hair texture were just as confident. I like all the styles they are so unique. In regards to the comment that someone had sent to you, your natural hair actually BRINGS OUT your beauty. Peace and Love!

  15. Althea Robinson says:

    All the hairstyles at the end r HOT!! Question: do u ever use a brush r comb?

  16. ATrueClassyLady says:

    I love your individuality. Your uniqueness inspire me continue to do you :-)

  17. MsGoGoGAdgetZ says:

    lol i love coming to america…one of my fav movies

  18. Kesabii says:

    I like bang bang bun

  19. stephleon29 says:

    I think your hair is art!

  20. hairpolitik says:

    Amen Amen Amen Amen! i couldn’t have said it better about the natural hair vlogger “you ought to do this to get more views” mantra. thanks for setting that straight and for doing it in a respectful way. I really enjoy your videos and your blog. Thanks for sharing. :-)

  21. MissionAllNatural says:

    rolling bang bang bun!!!

  22. Stephster90 says:

    Your hair is beautiful!

  23. bluelibra7 says:

    Late vote: I prefer-
    Geisha a la mode!

  24. sofia360 says:

    I love your hair so much! You helped inspire me to go natural and stay that way. Thank you for your video tutorials! I admire your continued poise and eloquence when responding to ignorant people . Urban Bush Babes is the best!

  25. UrbanBushBabes says:

    Everything is done by hand and I hear you on shrinkage. I actually stretch my hair in the loose twists either in bantu knots or braids,

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