Why Being a Hairstylist is Awesome [Part 2] Finding Yourself and Making Your Own

Watch last years video here: http://youtu.be/zK2AFo50Lj4 This is mainly an update of my last year and reasons I enjoy being a stylist so much. I like to do a yearly update just to keep up…

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  1. Laura Wilkins says:

    Hi Im going to be attending hair school in September 2015 (the September
    after I graduate high school) i will be 17, and i had a few questions. So
    the first question is will my age affect my career, like will people not
    want me to cut their hair because of my age? and the second question is was
    it difficult to remember all of the hair cuts and all the material that you
    learned? How old were you when you went to hair school? And the last
    questions is was it difficult finding a job after you finished hair

  2. Michael Werbovetz says:

    Do you think anyone should strive for perfection in life, Megan? and do you
    see yourself as “perfect”?

  3. MsLauren Beauty says:

    This was an amazing video! I just want to say thank you. I felt like you
    were talking to me directly. I am currently at a salon that sucks the
    creativity and happiness from me. I feel so miserable there and I really
    want to leave. They treat their employees like garbage. There are 8 of us
    girls and 6 of us including myself want to leave. One of the girls just
    started so she doesn’t know yet how the manager is. The other girl is the
    manager and she is the reason we all want to leave. I already have another
    salon waiting for me to leave my current salon. This video just inspires me
    to take that leap of faith. I have had so much anxiety about putting in my
    two weeks. I am currently waiting for my Independent Contractors license to
    come in the mail but as soon as it does I know now that I will have the
    courage and confidence in myself to move on after watching this video. So
    again thank you so much =]

  4. Maitha Aldaisi says:

    wow this was amazing thank you so much , you made so excited i can’t wait
    to finish my senior year of high school and go to cosmetolgy school 

  5. Claudia Garcia says:

    Heey My Name Is Claudia And I Enrolled In Cosmetology School . Im Suppose
    To Start In September But Im Just Really Stressed Out About My Future .. As
    A Cosmetologist Do You Have Benifits ?

  6. April Cunningham says:

    You have inspired me to not give up on going to Cosmetology school… I was
    going to last year…. But I had let someone’s negativity, or concern
    depending on hoc you look at this… “How do you expect to do hair with
    your vision problems…?” I look back at that comment and keep reminding
    myself… That if I have the faith in myself… And the determination… As
    well as a passion for it… I can do anything I set my heart on doing. You
    have helped me believe in myself even more. Thank you !

  7. Amanda Delisle says:

    This makes me even more excited to hear back about getting into a
    cosmetology class in the fall.

  8. Stephanie Larue says:

    This is EXACTLY how I feel about the salon I work at. It is a corporation
    and all they care about is MONEY MONEY MONEY. This is my first salon job
    and I almost have decided to just not do hair even though it’s something I
    love. I feel so stuck and unhappy.

  9. Cecilia WSL says:

    Totally helpful to me. I’m going to graduate my high school next year and
    my mom wants me to take the accountancy exam which I don’t want. I love
    doing hair…

  10. julia palkhouskaya says:

    Cosmo school is awsome!! i absolutely love doing the hair and i just wish
    our manikins had longer hair so i could do more with the hair. but i am
    loving cosmo so much and can imagine my life without it!!

  11. Isobel Neshwa says:

    Hey, I love your videos! I just found you by watching one of my friends on
    Youtube- MusicThroughTheViens and I saw your comment and thought Id check
    out your channel- I love your hair tutorials! Keep it up xxx

  12. Heather Smith says:

    Happy birthday!!!! Glad you got out of that place and are in a better
    happier place in your life!! :) I am happy to hear you are a Christian
    also! Good job at sticking to your guns and not letting others trample over
    you and who you are!! Thanks for sharing all of that! (:

  13. Megalizabeth9 says:

    #hair #hairstylists #jobs

  14. Disney Family Funtime says:

    Great Video! Thanks for sharing about your life. =) You are an inspiration.

  15. amonkyjunky says:

    happy belated B day

  16. Laurel Riche says:

    You are, I don’t even know, just, FRIKEN AMAZING! Your videos are what
    turned me onto actually “trying” to get my hair to grow. I have learned a
    lot from you including the proper several items to have in your hair care
    regimen and when and how to use them. The most important and effective
    thing I have learned from you is, get ready you will love this part,
    sulfate free!!!! I literally watched all your vides in one night and went
    to the store the best day and started from scratch. I researched done brand
    names to look into and actually found a lot, a masque, hair mouse, hair
    spray, heat protectant spray, shampoo and conditioner, leave in
    conditioner, and a leave in argon oil treatment at target that have no
    sulfates in them so I was thrilled. I couldn’t find a clarifying shampoo
    there but did at Sally Beauty that is also sulfate free. I am on a budget
    so cheap was needed right now but I do plan on getting a better more
    expensive when I can afford it. My dream would be to have every type of
    product in the Dane brand, Alterna would be my ultimate dream, even if I
    have to buy them a piece or two at a time lol:) Anyway I really feel I can
    relate to you and am now a loyal subscriber. Plan to hear a lot more from
    me. I rewards h your videos all the time! And will keep
    up with new ones. But my main point to you, is keep preaching and believing
    in yourself and what makes you happy! (Sorry for the novel!!)

  17. Rani Duke says:

    Who was that woman that you mentioned at the business class at your Paul
    Mitchell hair camp? I want some business guidance because I want to open
    my own hair salon after I graduate and work for a few years to gain more
    experience. :) 

  18. Taylor Arvidson says:

    Do a tutorial on that hair you’re wearing ! ASAP !!!!! <3

  19. Lacy Vera says:

    Happy Birthday Girl!!!! I’m studying cosmetology and let me just say I love

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