Volumized Ponytail Hair Tutorial

Pictures!: http://bit.ly/eHsTJ8 NOTE FROM JESSICA: In this video, I show you how to create a sleek + volumized ponytail. One of my Beauty Resolutions for 201…

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  1. valentina fernandes says:

    I love this Hair Style…… <3 <3

  2. skarleth montero says:

    u look rlly pretty like demi lavato :D D

  3. andrea nicola says:

    u’re like jacquline fernandez.REALLY!!!

  4. reena77774 says:

    my fav hairstyle !!

  5. Elsey Bella says:

    gosh….you really have a lot of hair…..

  6. andrea peista says:

    omg ur not that pretty :c sorry

  7. emrm128 says:

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  8. vicky8537 says:

    This looks amazing in my hair

  9. Abbie Wilson says:

    This looks absolutely awful in my hair! :( I’m jealous of you!

  10. Mark Robinson says:

    “You are so beautiful :) I mean without make up too
    Also use Idol white It will add more glow on your face
    have a look at bit.ly/897vKt .co m”

  11. Eunice Kunze says:

    You are a beautiful woman ;)

  12. Tanya Singh says:

    Damn ! Awesome Style. Helped a Ton ! ^_~

  13. scorpion2676 says:

    If You love EMINEM
    Youtube : scorpion2676

  14. jInU RA says:

    datz a funky..n so cute

  15. aidasaad97 says:

    niceee :) 

  16. meenu kannan says:

    nice hair ,easy styling thanks!

  17. hannahmary13 says:

    omg you look so much like Eva Mendes! btw really good video :)

  18. Rajesh Asha moses says:


  19. Hilaaaariawesome says:

    You’re gorgeous omg

  20. FreeDuprey says:

    I love the New York accent! ;)

  21. bethanalexander says:

    that is way too much effort for a pony tail

  22. 01hahahe says:

    U luk like my neighbour

  23. antara dey says:


  24. jai nalla says:

    supper hair style

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