top hairstylist new york, Rodolfo Valentin

top haircolorists, Rodolfo Valentin, winner of the hair coloring techniques award, named by the press as the king of hair color, awarded with 5 gold stars by…
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  1. nadia larouse says:

    Here is the home of the New York Best Hair Colorists, I love my hair color. From the past 2 years this is my favorite hair color salon NYC, and I must say, nobody in New York City does hair color as the Rodolfo Valentin hair color group can do. Highly recommended!

  2. VanessaShowSmith says:

    I have hair loss, I’ve never considered using hair extensions- I live in Manhasset, Long Island. Everybody told me about Rodolfo as the best for female hair solutions. trust me, after spending one hour with him, I didn’t doubt about it, I put my weak, fragile hair in his hands– HE IS REALLY THE BEST!- Now, I have a full head of healthy hair, and I get compliments everywhere.
    Rodolfo Valentin has the best solutions for female hair loss and such a care for his clientele!

  3. AnaPelosi says:

    People shoud know Rodolfo is compassionate,and interested in helping out patients with cancer.He has an extensive experience and training to provide a very professional, caring service.Personal side to his care, indicating an understanding of the psychological consequences of hair loss.
    I am very pleased with my hair prosthesis and the way in which Rodolfo treated me. He does an excellent job helping patients through a difficult time.

  4. longislanderinnyc says:

    Really great video. great production. I saw the entire video that last over one hour. beautiful. great job done by movies maker Manolo Celi.

  5. anastasialebrecq says:

    one the best looking like real production video!

  6. anastasialebrecq says:

    Rodolfo Valentin Salon & Spa located in the heart of 696 Madison Avenue offers best hair and spa services in New York.

  7. Dennis Oliver says:

    great video, expensive production. Rodolfo Valentin really knows how-to!

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