Tired of your Locs….DONT cut them…. Damn them!

www.thedamnsalon.com. Are you tired of your locs.. do you want to cut or comb out your locs, do you want a change, but are afraid to rid your locs forever… don’t do it! Just get City locs.. a protective loc style that provides a sexy change without cutting or combing out your locs. And then take them out and your locs are still in tact, healthy and even longer… WHattttt!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Toni Hill says:

    OMG I pass by the Atlanta location almost everyday I had no idea it was a natural hair salon! smh (silly me) Im super excited now and will be seeing you ladies SOON!

  2. WookDaDuke says:

    Shes been damned!!! Lol nice

  3. Lexi K says:

    I love it that would be a fun alternative too bad I don’t live in that area

  4. TheVangeo says:

    Her hair looks like a hot mess, but you ladies are truly beautiful!!

  5. nituna27 says:

    What about mid back length full locs? I would like to have a consultation..how much and how long will this last before I caan wash my hair?

  6. lynnie11000 says:

    i love that group shot!you ladies are lovely and having way too much fun!

  7. kissmehere35 says:

    too much hair in the face….but love y’alls attitude

  8. AllisonLPayne says:

    You all are doing Great things! Enjoyed the videoXD

  9. MotherLioness17 says:

    You are soooo pretty!

  10. TheDoodlibop says:


  11. LanlandeVAG says:

    Damn, the one with the long burgundy locs. Beautiful locs

  12. nerudachild says:


  13. coilygurl says:

    lol y’all are nuts! the hair is fierce, tho!!

  14. 31kittykatty says:

    Another example of: ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’ , thumbs down!

  15. Jessica Rabbit says:

    Great vid!

  16. Anita Alford says:

    I am not liking the hair style, but I am loving those Ankh earrings.

  17. Anita Alford says:

    You guys are funny, love it.

  18. YoliLoves says:

    Love it!!!

  19. halfpint4341 says:

    DAMN yall fly!

  20. HairitageHydration says:

    I see Pam J back there Voguing!

    How do you do those locs like that? Will they stay like that or will they go back to normal again?

  21. foxfire5oh says:

    Y’all crazy!!!! Lol!

  22. neosouldancer89 says:

    too silly!!!! so fierce though!!!!!!

  23. GILady86 says:

    You ladies are pretty.

  24. MrsLillyBanks says:

    u all are sooo pretty! WWW

  25. TheKeepsitreal says:

    You ladies are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing ;-) )

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