Tightly Curly Method| Simple HairStyles for WASH n GO

Hey ya’ll….Just a quick compilation of Hairstyles during the time I was on the 3 months challenge of Tightly Curly Method. Disclaimer: This is not sponsore…

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  1. AuCurls Naturelle says:

    Hi sis :D thanks so much for the support :D i used VO5 and Loreal conditioners :D and i used a bit of oil mix and i barely used shampoos though :D

  2. Trinis Collins says:

    Great Video! Lots of versatility. I have a TWA. What conditioner and products do you suggest that I use to start my TC method?

  3. AuCurls Naturelle says:

    thank you so much Akilah :D i really appreciate your motivation :D and please dont give up on your hair, mine is kinda stubborn at time because i cant do a couple of styles with it like twistout etc and im still learning :D please stay strong :D

  4. AuCurls Naturelle says:

    thank you so much for watching sis :D :D

  5. AuCurls Naturelle says:

    hi sis :D i use braids for fighting the frizz :D :D and i try not to use too many that contain tryglyceride (caprylic, caprilyl or propolene glycol or even glycerine) and i use conditioners that are hi in proteins mostly or fruit based :D and very little humectant ingredients :D but without the braids the products dont help much :D

  6. Akilah Parker says:

    This gives me hope. You’re the first I have seen with the exact same curl pattern. I didn’t appreciate mine until I saw yours. Thanks!

  7. ladudley1 says:

    It is something how we have the exact curl pattern, but I could never get my hair to look as pretty and frizz free as yours. Thanks for sharing all your expertise.

  8. ladudley1 says:

    how do you control the frizz

  9. AuCurls Naturelle says:

    thank you so much :D i am so glad you can make use for the styles in here :D it means alot :D

  10. naturallybison says:

    Found this video at the right time for my summer Wash & GO’s!
    Thanks for sharing some great curly ideas :o )

  11. susy4ish says:

    wow! take it easy girl, hair is not that serious! :/ and everybody can do whatever they please with THEIR OWN :/
    dont wear flowers if that suits you best, smh!

  12. AuCurls Naturelle says:

    thanks so much sis :D :D :D totally appreciating your support :D :D

  13. AuCurls Naturelle says:

    thank you so much sis :D i definitely will reply whenever i can :D

  14. Allnatural Ren says:

    I really love this video! You gave me some good ideas that I can try on my hair! Thanks so much for sharing sis!

  15. lovelyhair85 says:

    great work sis!!! your work is highly apreciated and all your efforts for getting back to us everytime we ask questions :D

  16. lovelyhair85 says:

    why is it always the ladies with NO CHANEL, NO VIDEO, that always spread negativity!!!? are you that sad and insecure inside?
    for your info, there is no age for a dresscoat, if it looks good on her then it looks good ON HER! please make videos soon. aaaargh!

  17. AuCurls Naturelle says:

    thanks so much Beauty :D have fun with the wash n go’s :D :D

  18. IAmANaturalBeauty says:

    cute wash n go styles!!! I’m doing wash n go’s with my hair so this video gives me some ideas for different styles to wear. thanks for sharing!

  19. AuCurls Naturelle says:

    thank you so much sis :D 

  20. xcbradley says:

    Simply beautiful!

  21. AuCurls Naturelle says:

    thank you so much :D

  22. Queen teshna says:

    Super cute styles love em

  23. AuCurls Naturelle says:

    thank you so much sis :D :D

  24. AuCurls Naturelle says:

    it doesnt give hold and it just helps with a bit of bambooks :D :D

  25. ToAFroNBeyond says:

    Cute styles! I shall be trying a few of these. How is the aloe vera gel and coconut oil in terms of hold?

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