The Politics of Black Women’s Hair FEAT. Dr Anthea Butler, Afrobella, Abenaa, Landra, Glenford Nunez

Live-Stream – The Politics of Black Women’s Hair Symposium- Friday, March 1, 2013…

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  1. naturalking215 says:


  2. naturalking215 says:

    ;) Were you there!!!!!! lol

  3. RyMingTahn says:

    Thank you for this!! I never thought that i would be interesting in
    something like this but i was GLUED to the screen the entire time!

  4. naturalking215 says:

    Im sure there are videos out there that do that. But if you would like to
    see it, please start the production of it! Be the change you want to see..

  5. naturalking215 says:

    Listen, I am not against you. I am with you. I am God, just like you are.
    We all are made from this universe and share the same source. Everyone has
    a separate experience and PATH. So thats why I said, If YOU want to see
    something YOU have to put it out. Currently I am piecing together positive
    media to bring back peace, love, respect to women, true QUEENS and KINGs.
    We are all in this together. ;) -PEACE & LOVE!

  6. destineddiva93 says:

    Thank you for uploading this video!!! I wanted to go so bad but I had to
    work lol

  7. naturalking215 says:

    NO prob!! The panel made a few great ideas come to my mind!!! I love the
    energy in the room! All Queens!

  8. ItsFrankieTime says:

    this is beautiful.

  9. gdk814 says:

    woah from what you shared, this was an AWESOME panel…very fun and
    informative…thanks for sharing! did you get to ask a question?

  10. naturalking215 says:

    True! And I missed half the day… I didnt get to ask my question… Maybe
    next time!!

  11. darmarie7 says:

    Loved this video. Thank you.

  12. Johnna C. says:

    Love this vid!

  13. naturalking215 says:


  14. LifeNewJourney says:

    Great video. I hate that it had to end!

  15. rahtendiva says:

    GOOD VID!!!

  16. naturalking215 says:

    ;) thanks for viewing!

  17. anewmeePassion says:

    omg those portraits are fireeeee!!!!! love’m

  18. naturalking215 says:

    I believe the entire video is on the UPENN website.. not sure if its posted

  19. naturalking215 says:

    ;) no prob!!

  20. naturalking215 says:

    no prob!!

  21. zheahra says:

    Great footage!!! Thanks 4 sharing. Yes. We have a ways to go b4 we actually
    be over “it.”

  22. naturalking215 says:

    True!! I should have filmed the whole day!! lol

  23. naturalking215 says:

    YEP they are!!

  24. gdk814 says:

    is there anywhere where we can watch the whole discussion?

  25. naturalking215 says:


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