The Damn Salon Brings A Taste of Damn to DC, Houston, Bay Area & LA Nov-Dec 2012

www BAY Area, LA, DC, HOUSTON, here we come! Bay Area: November 10-11, 2012, LA: November 13th, DC: December 1-3, 2012; Houston December 5-7, 2012. Over the past decade, The Damn Salon has become an unmatched leader in healthy, high fashion, luxury natural hair care. With salons located in Atlanta, GA and Charlotte, NC The Damn Salon has played host to thousands of women who have traveled from all over the United States and abroad; to be DAMNed. After hundreds of requests, cyber stalking and plain old shameless bribery, the styling geniuses of The Damn Salon are taking their haute natural hair styles on the road. We proudly introduce “A Taste of Damn”, The Damn Salon’s touring division. A Taste of Damn offers all of The Damn Salon’s signature styles including City Twists, Urban Twists, Micro City Twists, Metro Twists and the French Kiss. A Taste of Damn also bring with it workshops such as Make-up 101, The World’s Natural Hair Care System, and the Nwele Hair Elongation Technique. Select Damn Salon attire and natural hair care products are also available for purchase during tour dates.

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  1. Christine S. says:

    Will The Damn Salon ever come north of the border??

  2. Fatima Siad says:

    I had to pause the video just to comment how fabulous you are!!! And when you put up your hair in those styles??? All I can say is DAMNNNNN!!! Hot chicks that turn heads can pick out other hot chicks that turn heads. BOOM. I just discovered your business and I’ve heard great reviews. When are you guys going to DAMN Miami? We’re ready!!!!

  3. Diamonddusted68 says:

    How many white boys have u turned out, just walking around look damn good. GO YOU!!

  4. Mekesha P. W. says:

    Hot damn! I didn’t know zits had character now! SMH Hilarious!

  5. arspruie87 says:

    I love those urban twists. When are y’all coming to the Midwest area?? Preferably Detroit / Chicago area???

  6. DulceHoney025 says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! So proud of your success! I knew you’d do it though. Women STILL ask me about who did my hair when they see my pictures from 2008. :-)

  7. kisha kandid koilz says:

    urban twist!!! i just cant stop gettin damned lol

  8. miltonmarie says:

    I’m no longer natural but I loved this!!!

  9. tshaysmith says:

    I love my urban twists!!Thanks for the Damn look!!!

  10. brianna shaw says:

    You seem fun to hang out with

  11. brownsuga395 says:

    girl u crazy lol. so when you coming to Boston? xD

  12. Nubia Ameker says:

    You need to Damn Dallas! Plz baby plz!

  13. ladyofleisure23 says:

    Lol! You crack me up girl! :) Can’t wait to see you guys next month in Atlanta when I come to get DAMNED!! xoxo

  14. Niafloda says:

    When will you be in Los Angeles????

  15. daisyconsuelo says:

    You have started an amazing natural hair movement! Who said we can’t be sexy and natural?! I love what you’re doing Mushiya!

  16. lifejourney2bnatural says:

    those two styles are fresh of showing us a live view at the beginning. thank you for the gallery with this video. all ladies need to be damned. 

  17. FilmorePain2006 says:

    Damned does Dallas…when????

  18. Erica Johnson says:

    Something is terribly wrong with you lol…Love the twist!

  19. tayah97 says:

    Can’t wait to see you ladies again!

  20. zheahra says:

    You know you’re hawt when you can point to the zit on your face and still ROCK!!!!!

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