Tasha’s Big Chop – Devachan Hair Salon

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  1. ladygem1ni says:

    that hair salon sucks. Even I know that is NOT how you cut hair!..you are
    supposed to part and section and cut and repeat all the way around the
    head…there is no way you can just take the scissors and cut across like
    that! and she missed SOOOO much relaxed hair! …i would NOT have paid for
    that. Horrible job. Very inexperienced stylist.

  2. LadiieKia says:

    If she cut anymore of the relaxed ends, she’d be left with a terrible
    haircut. The stylist was correct

  3. MamaDouglas says:

    She still has alot of relaxed ends.

  4. Sakyra Mance says:

    that shit looks crazy!! I would have never sat in her chair because of the
    way her hair looked. I feel sorry for you..

  5. Yelitza Lawson says:

    She is gorgeous and this video rocks <3 

  6. Renji Hayashi says:

    It is cute. I think she missed so relaxed hair though. I could be wrong.

  7. Shante1019 says:

    This is not a big chop.. the stylist even cut all her relaxed ends off. 

  8. MrShampooking says:

    nice and sexy
    is it still short like that????

  9. Gillian Thompson Caraballo says:

    It’s cute but why did she leave a lot of straight hair

  10. saveriversidebridge says:

    I thought they are supposed to cut one piece at a time, it looked like she
    was really cutting a lot of big pieces together.

  11. Kayk Wright says:

    You paid your money for her to do what?

  12. rockstar nurse says:

    I’m not understanding. This was supposed to be the “BIG chop?” This stylist
    didn’t cut all the perm out of her hair. Why? She should have at least
    curled the ends under; like, give them a bit of a bend or something…

  13. Brazil Nutt says:

    I think it looks good it’s a graduating big chop and the way it was cut at
    the ends was not meant to be for curly hair as it’s not curly it’s damaged
    and straight it was amazing how you went from straight to bigness love it!

  14. Andrew cleaver says:

    Shit !!! She mite of respected her more if she said no I’m not cutting it
    because it won’t look right 

  15. Hewan Yitagesu says:

    she has so much heat or relaxed damage that the BIG chop would’ve been
    best…the straight ends are driving me insane LOL

  16. jaida ross says:

    That was nothing go get your money back

  17. Kenyetta Gaines says:

    Hair cut gone all the way wrong

  18. Gleneshia Jenkins says:

    I think it looks good

  19. thesheenz says:

    The girls making nasty comments, let’s see your hair! Let’s see your big
    chop! She is gorgeous with or without the long hair. We need to stop
    hating on the journey of others, and EMBRACE and LEARN from it instead.
    Jeez, women can be such animals sometimes. If its not constructive or
    uplifting, no one wants to hear your ignorant ass comments.

  20. Amber Holmes says:

    There’s still some relaxed ends

  21. Elaine Davis says:

    Love your hair!

  22. kia1622 says:

    Wow..not cool. That stylist suck.

  23. xXOpaqueXx 1 says:

    You look gorgeous :D 

  24. gsimplyme says:


  25. Ashley Cole says:

    ????? confused…… the style looks good but theres still relaxed ends in
    it that throws the whole thing off. It would look better if she cut all the
    relaxed ends off cause all hair will be of the same texture when she does
    other hair styles

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