StylesByQue Hair Video – Need an Awesome Hair Stylist?

StylesByQue is a Brand that I created to advertise my style of work! Which Include, Natural-Appearing Sew-Ins & Wigs! I also sale StylesByQue Cutie Virgin Ha…

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  1. StylesByQue says:

    thank you so much! That’s in the works, right now! Please continue to
    support, couldn’t do it with out yall!

  2. BABYDOLL1987 says:

    oh did your thang on this cuzzin!absolutely amazing.keep havin
    faith and believing in God and you will go far.i need to come let u do this
    head of mines.tired of my of glue too.anyways love you!and
    by the way u look gorgeous in this video. ur cuzin.jessica triggs

  3. Katrina Williams says:

    This is such an AMAZING video QUE!!! Your models looked flawless & full of
    energy!! You looked like a BOSS!!! Keep up your grind and continue to keep
    GOD 1st!! #WORK #HairWeaveKILLA

  4. mgdub03 says:

    gorg! love it. you’re amazing at what you do.

  5. StylesByQue says:

    Thank you so much! I can bc I sell hair as well. Hair is additional to the
    price of the wig. Thanks for inquiring. ~StylesByQue

  6. StylesByQue says:

    thank you so much! it means the world to me

  7. 10brhodes says:

    I love it!!!!!

  8. Missprissy_B says:

    Congratulations doll, it looks amazing. I dying for more videos to come

  9. StylesByQue says:

    thank you so much!!! xxooxoxo

  10. Chrystal Rivers says:

    Nice video! Do you purchase the hair that the client wants as well as style
    all in one package?

  11. StylesByQue says:

    I surely will! Thank you so much for commenting! Thank you Katrina ;)

  12. StylesByQue says:

    thank youuuuuu

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