Spring Twist

1st installment of Spring Twist. I used Eon Hair (spring twist) it was .99 a pack. I ordered 2 packs of hair from Eonhair.com. If you have any questions f…

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  1. downsouthdiva2012 says:

    I love it!

  2. CosmeMali says:

    Ur #2cute

  3. lovelynita1 says:

    That was really cool I wish I could see it better but I do have a better understanding now. Thanksfor this video

  4. brokebank1 says:

    looks really pretty

  5. Beaute Amore says:


  6. Alexus Massenburg says:

    hi, um, how long did it take you to do this?

  7. Carolyn LESLIE says:

    wow u have nice biceps,how about a flex

  8. NaturallyMadeBeauty says:

    Love the video! You were my inspiration to do my own and I LOVE THEM. So thanks for a great tutorial. Quick question, did you twist left over right or right over left?

  9. MRSMCCLAIN22 says:


  10. gtfohlmbaolmlgmg420 says:

    Does anyone know where I can buy Eon Spring Twist hair in the Metro Atlanta area. Please help Hair appointment is tomorrow and I cant find the hair.

  11. TamTam501 says:

    Love your energy! Ur a beautiful young Lady. Thanks so much for the help. God Bless!

  12. yaoilovertash says:

    Did you braid first then twist? Or can you just twist it in your hair like when you do regular twists?

  13. punky298705 says:

    loves it

  14. Neshia2Sexy1 says:

    Love love love it

  15. TheBriTaNieShOw says:

    Great taste in music 

  16. Vahida Bastien says:

    omgeeee i love this!

  17. MsSha818 says:

    Cute… I would like to try this but I don’t think I have the patience

  18. Pj Renee says:

    do you know if the hair comes in longer lengths? I want mine to either rest right on my shoulder or come a lil past my shoulder.

  19. BunchOfMnMs says:

    you did a great job!! thank you for sharing!!!~!!

  20. SumthinqqMajor26 says:

    BEST HAIRSTYLE I’VE EVER SEEN !! OMG that is gorgeous girl

  21. Kael CB says:

    Great tutorial! Thank you for sharing.

  22. bitdamton says:

    u did a great job. ooh i love the music selection tooo. mj forever!!!

  23. Jamaicanqdee says:

    how long did shipping take? how long did the twists take to complete?

  24. amberlinat says:

    only thing I’d say is don’t take the scissors up the twist like that you probably cut your hair

  25. jbunny2926 says:

    I know this is a really old upload and u may not remember, but everyone keeps referencing your vid and I am looking forward to getting these Spring Twists next weekend (: Do you separate each piece into 3 parts in order to do 3 twists from 1 “lock” off the track or maybe even 4? I want my hairdresser to be assured that my 2 packs will suffice

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