Simple Cat Wing Eyeliner Tutorial

Hey guyss :) This was requested through formspring yesterday Its my simple everyday makeup so I had time to film it …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. teamjacobforever101 says:

    You look like a mix of my friend Anna and this girl at Mac very pretty :)

  2. Emelly Lopez says:

    Oh my god she looks like Leda Munir with green eyes

  3. ShaunaaShikarii says:

    Ive heard that afew times.. I do not see the resemblance xD

  4. katrina millera says:

    ohmygod. you look a lot like hailedabear

  5. zaynababdi1 says:

    No.. I want to see her bf 2
    #by the way nice viedo and hon ur so pretty u dont need the make up but it still looks good on u … Lmfao XD

  6. heyitsthatchick77 says:

    Am I the only one who wants to see her bf?

  7. Carolyn Diehl says:

    Ohmygoshhhh.Your eyes<3

  8. TheRachTube says:

    you’re so cool. be a mermaid. you remind me of ariel

  9. Patrycja Bartnikowska says:

    i just found your channel, and i love it! Subscribed:3

  10. SincerelyxKiana says:

    your eyes are gorgeous. :3 wonderful tutorial.

  11. ShaunaaShikarii says:

    Wow, thanks so much!
    I’m really glad the video helped you & I’m even more glad that you enjoy the channel!
    A lot of love goes into it trust me :P 

  12. machealacooper says:

    wow u r sooo pretty and i love yoiur acsent 

  13. DiduGhemotocVerde says:

    Gorgeous eyes waaah <3

  14. Christina B says:

    Good job! I love the way you do your makeup it’s super pretty and your really gorgeous! I love your eyes and skin btw

  15. Camille Pascua says:

    Oh your eyes are so gorgeous! you’re beautiful! thank you for this (:

  16. ShaunaaShikarii says:

    awwh thank you soo much :D

  17. boomitsjosie says:

    You have perfect skin!

  18. babyyamaha7727000000 says:

    Love it

  19. MissTwix1995 says:

    You’re so beautiful. You don’t even need the makeup but it looks amazing c:

  20. 1234lilspooky says:

    Do a tutorial about your red hair :D  by the way uu look gorgeous you don’t need makeup !

  21. LouisaoMCR says:

    Your really good at it ;) )

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