Siamak Hair Design – Toronto Hair Salon – Hair Stylist

A successful Toronto Beauty Salon, Siamak’s trained stylists use cutting-edge techniques to create stunning and trendy hair styles.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Nushan K says:

    to all these negative comments about Siamak hair design ,
    I have been a client of Siamak for over 29 years. I travel all the way from
    san Diego to get just my hair cut by Simon he is one of the most
    professional hairstylist I have ever been to. to whom they say he has
    attitude he does not he is professional in what he does he stays focused
    and quiet while he is doing his art. also the fact that they give you robes
    is that your clothing does not get dirty or get colour or what not that is
    PROFESSINAL , not just putting a cape over you if your clothing gets
    coloured or gets hair on it that’s UNPROFESSIONALISM. & also my last words
    if you come to high end place with good customer service and professional
    place obviously be ready to have the prices higher then expected.
    thank you/

  2. Fran Emami says:

    I had a hair cut by siamak once and I didnt like his attitude towards me,
    he was rude and arrogant and over priced.

  3. KEEARAYY says:

    they r wearin capes the hair stylest isnt tho.. :/ and they dont have to.
    its all about sanitation, and how the clients want there hair to be. :/
    they want to be dazlled. i would know im a cosmetologest

  4. laura clinton says:

    hey guys,no more question should be ask,try a hair cut by siamak once,ask
    him to do hair cut by himself not anybody els,at the same time ask him
    about the robe, for sure you will be happy,this is one of the best salons I
    have ever seen

  5. themancape says:

    Never understood why these expensive salons don’t use capes. Instead the
    client gets a robe, and gets hair all down inside of it. Ya…thats a good
    way to treat your customers.

  6. faviolusrican says:

    i would of wich i got to see more of the hair being done, like the fourth
    hair cut blck and red hair color short hair one. and yes why no cape? omg
    full of hair everywhere, where is the proffesionalism? if i paid lots of
    money you bed to treat me right…but over all nice dues more videos

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