Shit people say to their Hair Stylist

Confessions of the Hair stylist.
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  1. Jessica Evrist says:

    ROFL!!!! soooo true!! all of it!!! ha ha ha ha ha…. funny!

  2. Kayla Blanco says:

    Omg too accurate

  3. happyvideo216 says:

    @erinfrank320 It was the 1st time I’ve ever made a video. I didn’t realize
    youtube was supposed to be top notch quality home videos.

  4. happyvideo216 says:

    @littlemisstabs Thank you!!

  5. Erin Frank says:

    @happyvideo216 Stick to doing hair, lady.

  6. happyvideo216 says:

    @pykeinator92 Not nice.

  7. littleleuy says:

    this is basically mocking all your clients when they really want your
    honest opinion on their hair, its your damn job!!! If you dont like it
    maybe you should consider a different profession, i find this extremely
    rude because I AM!!! one of those people that will ask my hairdresser if I
    would look good with bangs and so on and so fourth. grow up.

  8. happyvideo216 says:

    I’m glad my fellow hair stylists are understanding the humor here! Thanks
    for the feedback!

  9. Michael Pyke says:

    Fucking retarded.

  10. happyvideo216 says:

    @littleleuy It was meant to be an inside glimpse of what it’s like to be a
    hair stylist. Not once did it mention that hair stylists don’t like their
    job. I love my job. It was the 1st video I’ve ever made, sorry it was so
    “poorly done”. The intent was to get a little chuckle, and my clients who
    saw it thought it was funny. Can’t please everyone.

  11. happyvideo216 says:

    It’s awesome!

  12. Erin Frank says:

    This makes me not want to go anywhere to get my hair done now. Thank god I
    have stylists in the family. P.S. if you’re going to make a “sh*t video”,
    make it a good one. This was so horribly done!

  13. happyvideo216 says:

    Thank you! I love my job and my clients….it’s funny that most people say
    the same things!

  14. RebeccaDominate says:

    As a cosmetologist, I really didn’t find this to be humorous at all. I
    fucking love my job and the people I work on/with. I hope none of your
    clients ever see this because I’m sure they would get offended since they
    don’t have to deal with people all day in the way a hair stylist has to.

  15. MVP Orgin says:

    LOL Since I do Hair, I thought it was Pretty funny, and Spot on! Client
    think your a friggn counselor!!

  16. aprilvaskin says:

    My personal favorite “i don’t want to have to do anything to it in the
    morning, just wash and go…but don’t cut my length.”

  17. AmberNC says:

    I love it!!! Hahaha I’m a stylist and this is awesome! One of my favs “I
    only want 3 layers, I had one last time but I think I want three”

  18. Hairbyholliesalon1 says:

    So funny! I hope none of the offended people ever sit in my chair!

  19. littlemisstabs says:

    @littleleuy i did not make this, and its not ‘rude’… but its SOOO TRUE
    hahahaha. we’re beauticians… not magicians. dont get your panties in a
    bunch. this is really what happens on a daily basis. and people really do
    come in asking to look like a celebrity. this is funny… please learn how
    to take a joke.

  20. Weave5678 says:

    This is awesome so forget the idiots that dont like it…cause they are the
    whini ass customers prolly

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