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Saundarya – How to Get a Deep-U Haircut – Mind Body Soul. Did you know that Deep-U haircut is also known as Laser haircut? Giving detailed instructions, Rachana demonstrates how to work on this haircut. Tips on beauty and personality enhancement are the need of the day in today’s urban lifestyle. Beautician Rachana Sharma helps women to enhance their looks through different styles of make-up, hairstyles and so on. Rachana Sharma, with her in-depth knowledge in the field of beauty, gives away handy beauty tips to the viewers even as she is busy doing the make-up or hairstyle on her model. Follow her beauty tips when you want to rush for a party and don’t know what to do to your face and hair! Log on to watch more beauty, health & Yoga tips.
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  1. candylikeCA says:

    Nice! Finally an easy explanation on a U layered hair cut. Thank you

  2. Tanusree Ghosh says:

    Really excellent………. Thanks a lot……

  3. mubeen aaiman says:


  4. mubeen aaiman says:


  5. alwena1 says:


  6. sadia jazib says:

    thank u so much …u make it so simple ..amazing !

  7. ash khalid says:


  8. nancypimenta1 says:

    This looks really neat n easy to understand…thanks for your efforts in showing it so systematically …god bless u rachna!

  9. satyam421 says:

    i always see ur video i like it so much.but tell new something like bob cut, rooller setting, perming,straightning. etc we want to teach in hindi . keep it up thank u?

  10. francesco00077yo says:

    so much of time wasted watch her wet the hair

  11. jsschill05 says:

    Dats very amateur way …

  12. bhanjanagar says:


  13. deep3147 says:

    very very gud. i like it very much. i always see Rachana on care world tv nice shows. Rachana can i ask where r u from.can i contact u.

  14. Mandy Molone says:

    Thanks, loving your makeup technique videos!

  15. pippy514 says:

    this is a great video. wish that there was a way to hear it in english though…

  16. alsanarobert says:

    wow…. very cute

  17. lizzard9233 says:

    Came out SUPER nice!

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