Saundarya – A New Hairstyle – A New Look – Mind Body Soul

Saundarya – A New Hairstyle – A New Look – Mind Body Soul. Beautiful hair enhance one’s overall beauty. Rachana, in this episode of ‘Saundarya’, works on Jeet’s hair by giving her a hair cut which suits her face. Tips on beauty and personality enhancement are the need of the day in today’s urban lifestyle. Beautician Rachana Sharma helps women to enhance their looks through different styles of make-up, hairstyles and so on. Rachana Sharma, with her in-depth knowledge in the field of beauty, gives away handy beauty tips to the viewers even as she is busy doing the make-up or hairstyle on her model. Follow her beauty tips when you want to rush for a party and don’t know what to do to your face and hair! Log on to watch more beauty, health & Yoga tips.

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  1. Jason T Tucker says:

    @fxxgbxe yep i agree. this is really fantastic. and i can tell u , i really ddnt expect that maybelline will send me the mascara without any dime. you can also get it from here ->

  2. shamlilinshaz1 says:

    I love u rachna

  3. shamlilinshaz1 says:

    I love her behavior

  4. Anfal A says:

    Imao XD

  5. laveena furtado says:

    cut was pretty nice…but her reaction was too much

  6. Syed Shabbir says:

    my hair is tooooooooooooo short and dry…

  7. itpaystobeme says:

    I love her hair

  8. sophia432 says:

    u r soo bootifool :D

  9. moley2006 says:


  10. shivani bhatia says:

    so good i like it

  11. longhairlovermale says:

    i like your long hair and your hair style i am a boy and have long hair about 3 foot long i like long hair. my mother also want that my hair grow fast more long she care for my long hair she oiling my long hair 2 day in a week. plz tell me some long hair styles burns, braids styles for school and home work time thanks waiting for your responce.

  12. 99shabeeb says:


  13. Mandy Molone says:

    Love your videos. Thank for your genuine entertaining sporit!

  14. ErotiikanMaailma says:

    7:38 hoo my god.. gand beliv id xD

  15. xtjx12 says:

    lool this is sooo scriptedd

  16. 7777nisarg says:

    your advice was very good and girls look so pratty.

  17. Maria de Fatima Lengruber Ribeiro says:

    She is wonderful now. Congratulations to Saundarya.

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