Salon success: How to make money in beauty industry

Learn how to be a successful hairdresser: market yourself, build clientele, make a website, give out cards, make a lot of money; the best industry that makes six figures. Learn how much money…
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  1. Joondalup Nail Technician says:

    All people want to be at their best everytime. That is why beauty industry
    is on of the booming industry when it comes to services. Nice idea and

  2. Michael Werbovetz says:

    Is being a salon receptionist or cashier considered part of the beauty
    industry too?

  3. TA Lindsay says:

    I like this guy! Its sooo true. Customer Service and follow up. True to
    any business.

  4. Hilary Burke says:

    What school is this? I’m learning so much just from the videos, I’d love to
    attend the classes!

  5. BeautyHealthTravel says:

    Salon success: How to make money with beauty industry

  6. BeautyHealthTravel says:

    Thanks for watching. I will upload another video by Brett where he shows
    how to curl the hair: ribbon curls, beach wave curls and the like; I am
    working on the video, but it will be ready soon.

  7. allmyloveizc0105 says:

    Loved this!

  8. Chanda Simmons says:

    Thanks for sharing good information.

  9. Sherre Creates says:

    This is why I watch because I learn a lot. Great information I get every
    time I watch.

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