relaxed hair journey with reggie (BSL)

Hey ladies I was asked to do this video so here it is lol! I hope this answers a lot of the questions that I asked, If not please feel free to ask.

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  1. anointed2wait says:

    our ultimate goal is the same lol

  2. anointed2wait says:

    my mother said u look like me ;) i c it now–castor oil is great for edges

  3. LadyLoveOdora says:

    doesnt she look like brittany grey?

  4. onlinebabe accnt says:

    You are so beautiful but you scalp is the issue for me, I’m actually wondering if you have a scalp condition because althoug you say your edges are bald from braiding, even the parting in the middle of your head on this video when you turned round is a lot more wider then normal ,think you should get your scalp not hair seen to,this will sure improve growth

  5. vanessaLDN says:

    Hi, do you or did you use any hair vitamins to help achieve your new length? And what do you think is the BEST thing out all your regimen that stopped you getting breakage? Out of all the youtubers I’ve seen your hair texture looks most similar to mine, so it’s nice to see your results to give me some hope.

  6. shadylane2121 says:


  7. shadylane2121 says:

    It’s a sony hd with a 150 hard drive

  8. nisey088 says:

    I love the two ponytails! Cute!

  9. Pinkaka87 says:

    Hey! I know this has nothing to do with your video but I would like to know what your are recording your videos with?

  10. shadylane2121 says:


  11. shadylane2121 says:

    TY! Appreciate it!

  12. shadylane2121 says:

    Yes indeed!

  13. shadylane2121 says:


  14. shadylane2121 says:

    TY! and your very welcome!

  15. shadylane2121 says:

    Yes its the same one lol! There are many articles on it just google it. Not being rude, but I don’t know how to explain it really, Something to do with oxygenation lol! All I know is that it works wonders!

  16. sweetbee06 says:

    your hair looks great

  17. KISSseventyseven says:

    Girl I love you make up in this video… Great info

  18. Sabrina Milford says:

    Gurl nice video, but I noticed your edges are filling in :o ) I must try that monistat asap!

  19. chante427 says:

    Cute hair and make up!

  20. makeupgemz says:

    Your hair is beautiful. I’m at shoulder lenght but I’m trying to grow my hair to my bra strap. Thanks for the tips.

  21. trili69 says:

    Maybe I’m slow but the monistat you’re talking about isn’t the one I THINK you’re talking about, right? Lol. What does it do exactly? I certainly need help because any kind of protein treatment breaks my hair off horrible! My hair only responds well to moisture. I have an area in the back of my hair, right below the crown, that broke off badly from Aphogee and egg treatments and it won’t grow back. It’s about between 1/5 to 1/4 of an inch :-( .

  22. shadylane2121 says:


  23. shadylane2121 says:

    @nappychic24 Mizani and every 3-6 months.

  24. shadylane2121 says:

    By itself

  25. shadylane2121 says:


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