RE:how to twist or dread lock your hair

in this video i am putting locks in tim’s hair. then we go on a walk through downtown mpls=)
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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  1. lovelyti2002 says:

    it’s sad how many bitter black females have done nothing but be negative,
    talk mess and bash me in this video over the past few years. since ya’ll
    are so pressed i would like ya’ll to know that tim’s hair turned out just
    fine and he is still rocking his locks till this day!
    we love to complain about how white folks bring us down, but sadly it’s
    our own people who bring us down the worse! it’s like some of ya’ll wake up
    just looking for someting negative to spew. it’s ok because i’m going to
    continue being blessed, while ya’ll sit and troll youtube video, mad
    because my video that i made to help people, got views and your struggle
    channel never took off smh.
    anyways here is the link to tim’s hair in 2014 there are 5pics in total=)

  2. lovelyti2002 says:

    here is tim’s hair in 2014
    for all you negative nancy’s out here, i can’t believe how bitter some of
    you black women are, all i can do is smdh!

  3. Morals Gone Good says:

    Wow +lovelyti2002 I never new you did loc videos. You go. :) Keep up the
    good work, I love that your a woman of different hats.

  4. Zee Reid says:

    You should take this video down. I’m sure this young man took these out of
    his head after two weeks. Not very pleasant looking at all, parts are WAY
    too big for the length of his hair. You should learn from Damian Walters
    about hair to part ratios. This is an old video however, I’m sure you’ve
    gotten better over the years.

  5. Bruce Wayne says:

    lol FREEFORM RasTimotheos is a lyin’ hypocrite 

  6. JJTOP SMILE says:

    i just hope people realize if you learn and do your research you dont have
    to pay some african or some professional whos going to make you pay way too
    much to start your dreads it is not hard to do it yourself 

  7. isaac reeves says:

    lil bad ass in the back tho jk

  8. Aditii PANDEY says:

    I was feeling like vomiting

  9. Betty Boop says:

    you took 5 min to do 1 dread,,, but nice work

  10. Debo Strong says:

    Parts are WAY too big

  11. Rhonda Grant says:

    My hair is shoulder length, I have had a perm maybe in June and it’s coarse
    an thick is it possible to get locks now or not

  12. christipher Henry says:

    Hi just a quick question..I currently have a Mohawk right now I wanna start
    dreads should I wait for the sides to grow or start twisting the too?

  13. TheVoodooZChild says:

    Beautiful video. Not just good instruction on how to start locks, but
    beautiful insight into your character and the beauty of your spirit,

  14. leslie tayi says:

    What are those clips called??

  15. jahmakeun says:

    Tim look a bit like Brad Kaaya (look him up)

  16. Abby Morgan says:

    Lovely, keep doing what your doing. Your going to SHINE one day, while your
    haters STILL REMAIN THE SAME. Remember!!!!! LOVE your haters, THEY MAKE YOU

  17. Danielle Johnson says:


  18. Quitta Patterson says:

    I didn’t like this video. The parts were way too big yu should’ve started
    off with smaller parts and the twist were just not right 

  19. chidragon60 says:

    awe, he’s a cutie!

  20. Nicole H. says:

    I liked the vid, I’m watching different types of vids on how to do locks. I
    already got the basics dwn, just wanted to see what products work
    best..your friend is kinda cute too :3

  21. coldmage says:

    She is so beautiful.

  22. Nikita Brown says:

    this is ridiculous. the dreads are not properly done….. like what is
    dont make video if you dont know what you are doing. 

  23. Tee Woodz says:

    She is too beautiful stop hating you bitch azz neggas she dreaded his
    up.nice af

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