Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 5 “Hairstylist Tells All” with Miss Lawrence and Derek J

Miss Lawrence and Derek J spills the “Tea” on the drama between Miss Lawrence and Kandi relationship when they both worked together on Miss Lawrence song “Cl…
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  1. avenson98 says:

    Who recorded this shit on this old ass 1994 tv

  2. Lisette Trela says:

    Ha…forgot to mention I don’t even watch ATL, anymore, thanks to freak
    Kenya. Don’t miss it a bit! :)

  3. jeminijemini says:

    can you please tell me what they said about the issue with the
    song/relationship, all this back and forth in this clip didnt say answer
    the question at all…..

  4. jordigrl06 says:

    No but kandi and Lawrence talked about this on Kandionline last night on

  5. swagqueen21js says:


  6. pambammac says:

    When Miss Lawrence and Kandi did the song “Closet Freak”, Miss Lawrence
    thought he was going to get paid but the song was not a big hit (like Tardy
    for the Party). The money that they did get was paid for the producer &
    recouping 4 studio time & mix fees that Kandi paid for.

  7. pambammac says:

    Sorry Mickey Miki, YouTube will NOT allow me to upload any more episodes.

  8. pambammac says:

    Well said!!! He got confuse with “Closet Freak” for “Tardy for the Party”.

  9. Lisette Trela says:

    No matter how money Kim does or doesn’t have, she’ll ALWAYS be a low class
    sneaky “umbrella of a B–CH”!! She throws because she constantly throws out
    WAY MORE than her share of shade!! I’m glad she got booted off of RHOA and
    I hope and predict her spin off will be an EPIC FAILZ…

  10. aaquartmorgan says:

    He’ll no

  11. pambammac says:

    I didn’t see it, thanks for the info.

  12. jacob cabrera says:

    Your comment is retarded! they are being who they were born to be! get it
    together honey this is meant to be fun! who are you to make judgments on
    anyone ! kiss my gay ass!!

  13. Mikki Taylor says:

    These two are NOT the ticket!!!!! Sheez!!! BE the men you were born to be!
    I am not impressed……

  14. cewest09 says:

    Kim is such a F*** up!

  15. pambammac says:

    Will you do business with your friend? Please tell why or why not.

  16. Patsy Brown says:

    Good friend are “beta than pocket change.” Jamaican term.

  17. Jay Dee says:


  18. curtain1100 says:

    These faggots are refuckindiculous.

  19. Change2be1 says:

    what is Kenya borrowing Lawrence from Sheree tis season when these women
    want to show off or are scared to show up by theirselves ” they call
    Lawrence” and he needs to stop wearing the red lipstick he just go
    overboard with his gay lifestyle. As for Derek J he’s classy and not always
    advertising like Lawrence and other on tv.

  20. swagqueen21js says:

    Probably not.

  21. jeminijemini says:

    thanks 4 replying, that makes complete sense, and lawrence should
    understand that, instead of throwing shade……

  22. pambammac says:

    Contract contract contract. lol

  23. Ebony_Love_R_007 says:

    LOL, he got Kandi down with talking with her teeth closed lol! And she
    laughs and grins too much too while she’s talking, and sometimes I can’t
    even understand what’s she’s saying.

  24. 340jojo says:

    Can you do buisness will your friends or did you mean with your friends? No
    you can not. Some people just like to take advantage of your friendship. No
    is a wonderful word the more you use it the better you get at saying it

  25. MaleOrderBride says:

    These bitchy queens don’t know about business! Even if you have a contract,
    if the song isn’t a hit…then noone makes money offa it! “Closet Freak”
    wasn’t a hit! So Lawrence shoulda expected money…

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