Purple Smokey Eye For Prom Homecoming Night Out & Clubbing

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  1. NonaTut says:

    I am not Indian, but I simply love watching your tutorials. You are truly beautiful and you are so talented with makeup. I have always loved the “Indian” style of makeup and I’ve learned so much. Keep up the great work :)

  2. BetahimeTsukiko says:

    I’m wearing this tomorrow in remembrance of the Boston bombing. It’s beautiful and the perfect color.

  3. BetahimeTsukiko says:

    My eyes water easily so I use Urban Decay’s glide on eye pencil in Perversion: it’s water proof and sticks to my water line like glue.

  4. AuthorKnownSA says:

    This is just the look I was looking for. Thank you so much :) You look beautiful.

  5. ThePunjabiWay says:

    Love this!

  6. kdhimaan says:

    shruti waaaooo… plz tell me wat to do whenever i try to line my waterline it smudges after few minutes.. plz tell me wat kohl pencil i can use ?

  7. Ramya Rajneesh says:

    Hey girls please stop by my channel to see our indian outfit of the day collab video :)

  8. ItsChristelClear says:

    Shruti I really hope you see this but i do indian dance and it’d actually be amazing if you could do a stage makeup tutorial! please??

  9. susotto says:

    Simply WONDERFUL!!!! Thank you for sharing!

  10. Dara Mary says:

    Hey I loooooove your eye make ups they are really amazing ^-^
    Can you also make one that is more suited for school? :3

  11. Falishaaaaa says:

    I LOVE YOU! I always wait for your videos! Keep it up, with love from Sydney. x

  12. LittleMissDunno31 says:

    What is your mac foundation shade so I can see if some of your other foundations will fit my skin tone???

  13. lala peral says:

    Thank you finally found da best vids

  14. dolly p says:

    very cute

  15. sumrinaslife9614 says:

    You also look like Rani Mukerji in this video a lot!!

  16. sumrinaslife9614 says:

    You are gorgeous! Loved this look!

  17. indianglamprincess says:

    I hope your move has gone well, Shruti! :) I can’t wait to see your new videos!!! xoxo

  18. shrutiarjunanand says:

    i use adobe C6 some times :-)

  19. CutieGlaze17 says:

    How do you do the border?

  20. Angel Hussain says:

    omg…no words for dis luk…its beautiful ur lukin charming..

  21. angelbaby3003 says:

    You look great here!

  22. switz gal says:

    hi..ur videos r nice..can u do a southindian makeup look for dark skin,without browns n neutral cols..

  23. Nishii Rathee says:

    your accent very funny lol :P 

  24. Sadia Nahar says:

    are you growing out your brows seems more thicker and bushy

  25. seemak12008 says:

    Beautiful look! I think we do eye makeup similarly :)

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