Prom night makeup Tutorial !

Open me** Hey guys here’s my first version of what I think will go perfect with any dress for prom ! Enjoy (: -My links- Twitter:!/Be…

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  1. sestulka says:

    hello! please could you help me, what sould i do, when my eyelid is completely hidden when i open my eyes (i am not asian) and it looks imperfect from the very first moment + i have acne, so i dont use lipstick, what would usuggest me, what make up should i decide to create on my face on the prom night? thank u so much :)

  2. Linds Mel says:

    So gorgeous and elegant… Love it!

  3. makeupbychristelle33 says:

    This look is so beautiful!! I subscribed!

  4. BeautyStop91 says:

    splash of grenadine by Essie :)

  5. 1mki1ian says:

    What’s on your nails?

  6. Samantha Jade says:

    thanks ill try thatt!

  7. beapinkie9 says:

    please make a video on fake lashes! :D what kinds of lashes there are, how to apply and take care of them, and the type of lash glue (etc)

  8. TheLeothegreat15 says:

    Such a gorgeous and glamorous look! Prom for me is next year but defiently trying this for my dinner dance this year!

  9. kurri kim says:

    This is such a gorgeous look. I love your videos and keep up the great work!! :)

  10. Emelda Bonilla says:

    Good look :) 

  11. designbybrianna says:

    love the look! :]

  12. GorgeousGlam19 says:

    hi girl love the video ♥ !! . i would really appreciate it if you checked out my channel & subbed if you like my videos (: it would really mean alottt to me for your support ♥ xoxo !!

  13. BeautyStop91 says:

    I would suggest using a waterproof mascara and also eyeliner so that if it is smudging because of its wearing out it holds much better through the day :) . Also make sure you are putting some type of primer under your makeup (take it all the way under eyes as well). If you moisturize daily make sure you allow your face to absorb the creams you are using before putting on makeup so your skin is ready and matte :) . xo

  14. Samantha Jade says:

    please respond!! i put on mascara and eyeliner on my tightline only like every day and i always have black under my waterline smuged and stuff, like under my eye and idk why

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