pimp my haIrcut#6

showin yall boys some more luv with a tutorial on how to do star designs
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. joesace95 says:

    Make it look eazy…

  2. joesace95 says:

    What kind of clippers is those..

  3. TerahDaBarber says:

    Trying to step my design game up… I know this video will help me alot. Barber love..

  4. troy ingram says:

    raw shit

  5. clubbangah says:

    nigga did a clean ass haircut with shades on lmao you a boy

  6. clubbangah says:

    thank you for showing me this shit im from cali the bay-area and im a barber im fa show gone use what u showed me

  7. aeyo2010 says:

    nice work

  8. Myles Stennis says:

    Y’all got any shops in Houston

  9. thebenchpresser95 says:

    I would like that haircut but i think i don’t do it

  10. Erik Thomas says:


  11. Kexas3 says:

    U cant hate on dat shit $outh$ide TX!!!

  12. Tyrone Elliott says:

    I like how you got diine in that design… Much love to San Antonio from G-Town, Texas …. The Island

  13. reynatellez3 says:

    Nice! Thanks for not being haterz

  14. thapunisher210 says:

    san antonio texas bro big dawg cuts I35 SOUTH AND SOUTHCROSS 210-888-1603

  15. Brion Harris says:

    what state is this barber shop in. imma go

  16. warlordaderol says:

    So good

  17. hidrogo1234 says:


  18. Titan42314 says:


  19. CODISgangPELIGRO says:

    Fucking niceee

  20. MrSculpturez1 says:

    new videos on my channel!!!!! MrSculpturez1

  21. lawrencepulcini18 says:

    I want that haircut

  22. calgreen1000 says:

    Tht freshhh bro
    You got skills

  23. MrAdylee says:

    he’s good

  24. 559KIDD says:

    hes good

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