Party Twist in HD (High Def) ( for makeup and hair) For more informatio…
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  1. hiedramaril4 says:

    Gracias por enseñarnos, eres muy agradable.

  2. Klitschiklu says:

    I like your voice <’3

  3. DubaiDiva98 says:

    Just done this hairstyle! It looks amazing! Thanks! Please subscribe to my channel! I subscribed to you

  4. Sugar Dodi says:

    I just love your mood!!
    Lovely hairstyles <3

  5. ILUVMJ456 says:

    im so gonna do this look for school!

  6. jaheira2016 says:

    its too much work anyways, the lenght of my hair is 2 feet down to my tailbone :/
    Cant keep my arms up anyways

  7. theatremagic157 says:

    im doing this for new years because it keeps the hair out of my face for partying and its really cute!

  8. theatremagic157 says:

    im doing this for new years because it keeps the hair out of my face or partying and its really cute!

  9. theatremagic157 says:

    it only kills your hair if you flat iron your hair too much. if you do it occasionally with heat protectant you’re finee.

  10. TheToxicWasta says:

    Thats what heat protection spray and conditioner is for ?

  11. jaheira2016 says:

    flat irons=hair killer
    Do not use if your planning on growing out your hair long :/

  12. marina0146 says:

    Very cool ,but i have one question what if you have thick and a lot of hair? What can i do?

  13. Pralienchen001 says:

    wow this look is were simple .
    i like it :)

  14. xcandyfl0ssx says:


  15. lilkay212009 says:

    Will this look, look nice with a hair grip inthe top?


    can u do any lindsay lohan hair styles??

  17. yazooii says:

    I LOVE YOU ty ty ty!! I’ve been trying to get it done for so long! :(

  18. PeeKABooBBy says:

    WOOOHH !
    Super Cutee . *SUBSCRIBED!
    Watch My Show & Subscribe .

  19. Catherine V says:

    beatifullll !!!!! preity !!!!!!

  20. vloggingangel says:

    The mullet thing scared me.

  21. mushymushyful says:

    so cool n easy

  22. p3rucha0 says:


  23. SecretAdmirerish says:

    its just lovelyyyyyyyy..thx pursebuzz :)  u always make me smile.. although m a new user , just joined this a couple ov days ago..but lov u :)

  24. tigergrrl93 says:

    i LOVE it im going to use that now

  25. Karissa7la says:

    ohmigosh!!! thank you thank you thank you!
    i’ve been wanting to try this forever but cosmogirl didn’t have it.
    Big help thanks!

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