Part1 of the Fold & Tuck

Recorded on April 16, 2010 using a Flip Video camcorder.

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  1. naturalNstylish says:

    Got the link for this style from beingpaowerful. Very nicely done!

  2. Felicia Leatherwood says:

    Thanks Everyone!

  3. alenaartis says:

    Very cute and elegant.

  4. 1msneosoul83 says:

    cute. i’m going to try this

  5. mophead70 says:

    This is beautiful. I am going to try it.

  6. Felicia Leatherwood says:

    There should be another video on how to blow dry hair that tells what products I used. I like Koils by Nature Leave-In as a Heat Protectant before blowing out the hair and then I use the Curl & Style Milk by Shea Moisture for the FOld & Tuck.

  7. Felicia Leatherwood says:


  8. ADCUHCL2011 says:

    So you recommend the hair to be blown with a hair dryer before doing this style?

  9. TheRealExcelsior says:

    wonderful look. thanks so much. i wanna try this!

  10. 6NeeChee13 says:

    If i’d hair like that, i’d always wear my hair either this way or foxy 80′s big :) )
    but sadly i don’t :(

  11. tashab7777 says:

    @ Lovingyourhair I love this style but What are the products and steps you did when you blew dried her hair??

  12. WorshipingDiva says:

    Loving it going to try it,

  13. Felicia Leatherwood says:


  14. Taniah Flynn says:

    I’ve tried this and i can’t get it at all! it was a great tutorial, but trying to do it myself on my 6 inch hair has been impossible. Maybe because i’m not good at using bobby pins, but i definitely think this is a hairstyle that is more achievable with a friends help.  Super cute though and i can’t wait to finally wear it.

  15. STAFFinfextion says:

    So simple and yet makes a statement with the shapely silhouette. Can’t wait to try it

  16. Felicia Leatherwood says:


  17. swan333bored says:

    I am most def going to try this fab style!!!very creative!!!

  18. Felicia Leatherwood says:


  19. wtoussaint2002 says:

    I want to know can you do this style on fine hair

  20. daphnee loen says:

    could you show us another hair style like this one please!!!

  21. calalily009 says:

    Your models hair looked great. It looked hydrated and shiny. What products did you use ? Thx

  22. Felicia Leatherwood says:

    3 or more inches

  23. chitalumumba says:

    what length of hair would be best to achieve this look?

  24. byoung4eva1 says:

    would this work with bobby pins?

  25. lannababy9 says:

    Shout out to Stevie Wonder’s Part Time Lover playing in the background lol

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