NEW Hair Cut Men Boys 2013 by Assyrian Top Stylist and Color Specialist Vivyan Hermuz….model ROBIN

NEW hair cut men boys 2013 by Assyrian Top Stylist and Color Specialist Vivyan Hermuz..Vivyan Hair Design …model ROBIN.
Video Rating: 2 / 5

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  1. G. David says:

    You suck.

  2. based zeus says:

    He killed himself right after the camera stopped recording. 

  3. livano kanal says:

    2:58 oh nooo! 

  4. RT787 says:

    Oh my goodness, that was terrible

  5. darianfreestyle1 says:

    Awfull.Pompadour looks much, much better.

  6. Leon Don says:

    that guy looked real sad at the end of the video

  7. Jon batten says:

    Get better results with a blender

  8. PutskuBoyy says:

    What the actual FUCK, this is the most horrendous haircut that i’ve seen
    for a long time O.o

  9. basilis leles says:


  10. mrmojo1709 says:

    oh my god it looked better before the haircut.

  11. Bennie Leaphart says:

    That is a terrible hair cut . FUCK UP

  12. Mrwindows1hack says:

    The man: Kill me Please 

  13. Christina Gina says:

    It’s kind of cool…
    its innovative looking

  14. Laurent Man says:

    the shape up it.s so shit o my god shitttttttttttttttttttttt

  15. ALIN GEBESCU says:

    I just wanted to say one thing: the men’s hair looked just fine at the very
    begining, a lot better comapared to your haircut. Please quit your job, and
    don’t ever try to do that styling thing again. It is not for you!

  16. Kurd Royal says:

    0:10 STOP Please you cant cut hair!

  17. Christina Gina says:

    She did not fuck his hair up. You people are weird. She give him a more
    avant garde style

  18. Ricky Quaresmaa says:

    y did you not shaved his eyebrows too

  19. dinosz1000 says:

    This is the shittiest haircut I’ve ever seen!! What crime did that man do
    to deserve this kind of punishment??

  20. Marzii Ali says:

    You can’t cut people’s hair sooooo your crap

  21. 4BeatBox4 says:

    Lol at the end the guy says go visit her for a haircut XD fuck no!XD

  22. thablackorange says:

    ugly as hell

  23. Ramezay1668 says:

    Oh wow. Did she do a BUTCHER JOB! He does not look happy at all; where did
    she get a degree in hair styling?!? Terrible!! 

  24. Chino's Corner says:

    Is this the cancer haircut?

  25. MDS says:

    This is head fucking.

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