Never Thought I would say THIS SH*%….

Taste of Damn Upcoming Tour Dates: DC: Feb 2-4, March 9-11; NYC: Feb 6; HOUSTON: March 9-11 ORLANDO: March 26-28; MIAMI: March 29-30 Call 202.695.2554 to sch…
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  1. freshfruet says:

    don’t doubt yourself grl, blasé IS a word.

  2. savamounange says:


  3. UrbangirlFabulous says:

    You are funny as hell… March can’t get here fast enough.

  4. rrobinheath64 says:

    That was an awesome display of spokesmanship. I can’t wait to come to the salon here in GA. I’m always ill and my hair had begun to fall out again so I need to get there soon. Best wishes damn salon!

  5. Eva Pearson says:

    im so ~damn excited!!!!!~ cant wait the r~o~c~k the urban twists!!!!!
    stay ~glam~
    ~evie~e~ <3

  6. llagaunda1 says:

    I want this style like tomorrow!! LOL I left you a message. THIS IS GOING TO LOOK SO FAB ON ME!!! DAMN ME GIRL!!!

  7. llagaunda1 says:

    Hello. Are these the city or urban twist!

  8. TheDamnSalon says:

    LMAOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! That was funny @Bonita Patrick!

  9. Bonita Patrick says:

    Wear it up. No wait leave it down. Ok down but up in the front. No wait up. DAMN!!!!

  10. FilmorePain2006 says:

    Damn….please come to Dallas!!!

  11. jboogzshortie says:

    aaarrrggghh! such a lunatic! :D

  12. kinkykurlykaramel says:

    DAMMIT!!! I can’t. U are soo gorg! Muah!!

  13. TheDamnSalon says:

    Darling! You would be shocked with what we can do. I have done this style on BALD Heads! Trust me. What city are you in?

  14. epd0126 says:

    i have very very fine thin hair with no edges..can you show some styles for this type of hair please..i am wondering if i can get a similar look

  15. Que P says:

    Plz come to charleston, savannah or Jacksonville!!

  16. Que P says:


  17. kisha kandid koilz says:

    yeeees i wonder why **snickering**

  18. TheDamnSalon says:

    My darling Girl! …. you better get in your car or get your ass on the train!!!! We are coming to NYC. You can make an appointment for Feb 6!! 202.695.2554. You better be there!

  19. TheDamnSalon says:

    OMG! Kisha! You hair is hauteeeee!!!!!

  20. 4CHairChick says:

    lol! Tooo funny. Loved this. Sharing on my FB

  21. kisha kandid koilz says:

    lmaoooo!! tooo funny…let em know DC DONT BE FAKIN lol. we holds it dowwwn!!

  22. kkiracreations says:

    You are hilarious, and i love all your videos so much that i made a video and talked about you in it :) ! would love to see if i can make a trip to NY while u are there! Cheers!

  23. MsBigjames says:

    Lmao I meant pls come to nj :)

  24. MsBigjames says:

    Place Come to nj

  25. lilrwm says:

    Ur so cool

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