Natural Hair: The Complete EcoStyler Gel Review (All Colors)

****EcoStyler Gel Winners**** Congratulations Tsp8874 (Tanicka Willams)- Pink and JesusmyLord-Blue! Please inbox me your information so that I can ship the products to you! Please read the description box, your question may be answered :) Disclaimer: This is my review discussing the EcoStyler gel line. I purchased these products with my own money. Remember this is a review, if you would like to purchase this product you can but you do not have to. I am sharing my experiences using this product with you all. This gel does not make my hair dry, I only cowash and cowashing alone removes this gel for me. (Basically rinsing it out in the shower works also). I still like Let’s Jam and EverStyle but I have not been using them lately because I am using EcoStyler now (my wash n gos last longer with eco). You can purchase the Krystal, Protein, Olive and Argan oil EcoStyler gels at your local Sally Beauty Supply. Usually the entire EcoStyler gel line is located at your local Beauty Supply Store (Wig Shop). I have seen EcoStyler gel at Dollar General also! Eco Krystal (Clear) Great for all hair types. EcoStyler Krystal Gel is a strong holding gel that is ideal for any hairstyle and/or hair color Hold: Level 10 Ingredients: Water, Carbomer, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, PVP, Glycerin Triethanolamine, Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate, Polysorbate 20, Tetrasodium EDTA, Fragrance, Love and Pride Eco Protein-White Lid (Brown) EcoStyler Protein Styling Gel delivers a strong, flake-free hold that
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  1. cielo94azul says:

    I changed my mind about eco styler a while ago but after seeing this video I’ll give it another try. I have used the green and pink one I stopped using them because I thought we couldn’t use gel on natural hair guess I was wrong lol btw very informative video :)

  2. cstinker2 says:

    You said you now know how to use them (the gel) but, you never stated how to?

  3. LisaLoveMakeUp1 says:

    Thx for the video :) I get all my beauty products including essential oils,butters and everything else very cheap on is the official online distributor of natural essential oils,soaps and other organic products and beauty products.You can also get $10.00 off your first purchase when you use reward/gift code ZQL811 at checkout!Its worldwide delivery.You can save a lot of money.Check it out! :)

  4. L Luves L says:

    Very informative. Never knew so many existed

  5. moviechick007 says:

    Detailed background information is lacking for both companies; Shea Moisture, ECO Style Gel…particularly the company the markets the ECO Styler Gel products. You should all wonder what you’re putting on your hair, and well as the companies behind the products you’re buying.

  6. Zzzawake says:

    Very good and helpful review. Thanks

  7. Christine O'Neale says:

    Do these gels have any type of alcohol in them?

  8. LADYmoses says:

    Can you please do an updo for a party??

  9. ahub87 says:

    The clear & green should get you are better hold as I have used both successfully. Although I prefer to use edge control for my edges and eco styler for the rest. My hair lays flat if I put a scarf on it for 20 min or so but also my hair is not relaxed and my hair is very thick and coarse.

  10. ahub87 says:

    My mom uses jojoba, coconut and ylang ylang oils…but for a water based moisturizer she uses aloe vera juice(juice not gel) you can find a jug of it reasonably priced at a walgreens, you just have to keep it in the fridge. Also you might want to do a green house (there are vids on here about that) my mom has really dry hair and doing this made here hair very soft.

  11. mstrice4u says:

    What can I do for extremely dry hair? I’ve tried just about everything and am tired of buying things I want to use something natural and cheap. My natural hair gets really dry. It doesn’t stay moisturizes no matter what i do. Any comment will be helpful! Thanx in advance!

  12. Angieang2692 says:

    I use the first one you talked about the crystal one. i love love love it!!i have braids and i use it to hold my baby hairs down ! i have noticed that if i dnt wet my hair before i put it in my hair it will flake and have that danduff look.

  13. Phresh Queen says:

    whats its cost

  14. UANikeSwagg says:


  15. zainab2144 says:

    Great video. Can you share which one gives less frizz but great hold?


  16. Kalansa alejandra says:

    i need to get this lol

  17. Nelly2fine says:

    Its pertaining to how much product you use for your hair. Some people can use more than others but its all about how your hair responds to the products. As always start off with a little and build and see how your hair reacts.

  18. ovrjoyed says:

    You mentioned that you’ve “learned how to use them” to get the results you want for your hair. Could you explain that statement? Is there a “best” method for using these gels that you’ve discovered for your hair? Thanks so much. I enjoy your videos…

  19. MsNaturalK says:

    Great video!!!

  20. carmen81473 says:

    Great info! I’ve always wondered the difference between them since I only use the clear one.

  21. 14BSV1 says:

    I’ve heard a lot about the Aragon Eco styler…I bought, tried and I am not a big fan. My hair is relaxed and I use it when I pop my hair in a bun a few times and the hold wasn’t great and the look wasn’t great either. Im planning on trying the green one next as you can’t fault the price. Has anyone else had similar experience?

  22. mizztrina2294 says:

    Best thing about the eco styler gel is that its in expensive..i have the olive oil but i plan on getting more probably

  23. Iceymoou says:

    the clear one is the bomb…i have very tight curls and this helps me get my ponytails laid down :D ….great review

  24. Klass761 says:

    Great View!!!!!!!

  25. Jessica G says:

    U remind me so much of myself☺

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