1. Fosmoore says:

    Hello are you still using the komaza care line? If so which did you prefer the coconut styling pudding or the califia styling pudding. I have heard mixed reviews about both and not sure which one to purchase. I can’t afford them both, any insight would be great. Thanks

  2. Ashley Brown says:

    i just cut my hair in last march . my hair is very coarse and nappy and doesnt curl much , becuase i dont know what to do with it i keep it in braids . any advice please ?

  3. SuperLaddygaga says:

    how much would u say yer hair grows a month? my step cousin wants the imfo….

  4. Apriluv7779 says:

    All hair is “Good Hair” if we take care of it. And. . . “Good Hair” can be “Bad Hair” when we neglect to take care of it :) Much Love!

  5. ladyaudrey2500 says:

    Hi Apriluv. I’m back on this video to acquire info regarding the use of Komaza care Coconut Curl products and I noticed the recent comments. Unfortunately lots of women believe their hair is extremely different and unmanageable. After finally getting my hair to “curl”, which was after learning the difference in hydrating and moisturizing, my mom actually asked me why it looked like I had “good hair”.

  6. Apriluv7779 says:

    Both of my parents are African American.

  7. Apriluv7779 says:

    My hair is not “loose” curly hair. I deep conditioned my hair and applied the products to damp hair and twisted; twist out. My hair is very curly and often difficult to manage. Curly coily hair can be a challenge to take care of. My hair needs lots of water (moisture). and I’m not a “Lazy ass bitch.” 

  8. chaney107 says:

    mmmkay if you dont need a relaxer to look like you have one Imma need you not to give “natural hair care” tips…. Im tired of these bitches with loose curls acting like its so damn difficult to take care of your hair you lazy ass bitches

  9. Apriluv7779 says:

    Perhaps it’s the products you used and not the technique.

  10. altjeuh says:

    Yes I did, I always use effex curl straight mousse. Because here in Belgium, I don’t know where i could buy those products. And i use Garnier Ultra doux Conditioner with avocado and oil in it.

  11. Apriluv7779 says:

    What did you do? What products did you use? Did you apply your products on damp freshly washed hair? My hair is freshly washed and deep conditioned. While damp, I applied Komaza Care Coconut hair lotion then layered it with Uncle Funky Daughter’s Curl Stimulator.

  12. altjeuh says:

    my hair stay like this for only one hour. Than it’s becoming really bad :/

  13. MissIhuoma says:

    So, there’s only african american in you?

  14. Apriluv7779 says:

    Yes, the Moku hair oil, shampoo and conditioner is for relaxed or flat ironed hair.

  15. Jonesin15 says:

    Do you feel it is better to let your hair dry wet?

  16. cuttinup97 says:

    Really?? I didnt get any free samples… :-(

  17. gucci51080 says:

    I think your hair looks best this way!

  18. Apriluv7779 says:

    Any suggestions on how to make the videos mor interesting?

  19. ckhid says:

    quite nice. love that hair

  20. Dominique Cromartie says:

    Your hair & skin is beautifful!!! I am lookin at the Komaza Care site right now!!!

  21. debbiedoodiedandi says:

    - thanks! I really love your videos, by the way. I’m newly natural (wore braids for 10 yrs and just took them out for the last time a month ago), so I love hearing about products/styles that work for people, especially those of us who have also have gray hair!!!

  22. Apriluv7779 says:

    Great question! The Moku Line is earthy. The coconut line smells like sweet fresh coconuts :)

  23. debbiedoodiedandi says:

    Hi! i love your hair. When you you say you like the smells, can you describe them? Sweet/spicy/earthy/chocolately?

  24. la9777 says:

    Like your hair. I am growing out my natural hair and I want to hold on and I heard of this product and was told to look at your site. What is their site?

  25. sosforever says:

    Thank you so much. I’m gonna try this as soon as I buy some products! Thanks again.

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