My Favorite Natural Hair Products | Updated 2014

HD ME!! I’m in 1080! All of of my current FAVORITE Natural Hair Products! Xo! Nap —– V I D E O L I N K S —– DIY Homemade Clay Cleanser https://www.yout…

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  1. Naptural85 says:

    New Upload! #NaturalHair <3 My Favorite Natural Hair Products! Updated 2014
    Xo! <3

  2. Nicktunes Storm says:

    Your flax seed gel and shea butter recipes are my must haves for my hair! I
    love them both and it gives my hair a shine out of this world!

  3. colouredBeautiful says:

    You look amazing! All the way around.

  4. BeauTAUfulDahlFayce says:

    Your hair is freaking GORGEOUS!! :-) 

  5. Seven Smith says:

    Love it

  6. Teresa Wooten says:

    Your my fav. And Jane carter is the truth

  7. Magnimazing says:

    Hmm. I wonder if my hair may actually be 4a/4b. Always thought it to be
    4b/4c, but looking at Whitney’s hair; it may not be *as* coily as I
    initially thought.
    Eh. Whever. I tend not to focus on hair typing anyhow. u3u

  8. ❤Samore Love TV❤ says:

    Love your hair. You look like you are glowing in this video or perhaps it’s
    the lighting but looks great either way. Great tips ive seen alot of the
    videos for the homemade recipes you mentioned. Xoxo

  9. Genesis Martinez says:

    You should sell your D.I.Y items online, I would definitely buy it. Love
    your videos! x

  10. Karin Nicole says:

    You are stunning! And your hair is just as beautiful as ever. I’ve been
    trying to get my hands on the Trader Joes Tea Tree Tingle conditioner. I
    need something with great slip and something that is creamy/thick. I’ve
    tried aubrey organics..hated it. Tresseme naturals..hated it. VO5..hated
    it. The only thing that was perfect was the Aussie Moist conditioner. Such
    great slip and sooooo creamy. But I *think* it has some cones in it that I
    heard weren’t good? Idk! But yeah gonna try Trader Joes out for sure. 

  11. Dae Babie says:

    I need a trader joe’s in New Orleans!

  12. niyah34 says:

    The picture of Olivia on the bed side table

  13. MrsLegalDiva says:

    How do you seal your cuticle with the aloe vera juice? I’m having trouble
    with frizzy hair especially when I air dry. 

  14. Simone Wade says:

    Do you have multiple rooms or something? This doesn’t look anything like
    the room on your vlog..

  15. Nay Watkins says:

    - Coolest. Intro. Ever.

  16. RahKneeShuh says:

    Where did you get the container for your Shea Butter?

  17. Shanice Glass says:

    Your hair is so beautiful!!

  18. Roberta Bernard says:

    The Paul Mitchell Heat protector is AMAZING!! Used it when I was relaxed
    and still us it now that I am natural and my curls always snap back after
    heat styling.

  19. Mariah Waller says:

    First thought… “her makeup looks gorgeous in this!!” Werkkk Whitney
    Werk!!! Lol 

  20. Charmaine Anderson says:

    I’ve only straightened my hair once, but had fabulous results with Carol’s
    Daughter Macadamia Heat Protection Gloss. 

  21. Nordia Pryce says:

    Hi, Whitney I love your vlog, I wish I could find Teatree conditioner here
    in Jamaica. I really want to try it. Anyway your my hair crush 

  22. Chef Kristea says:

    Totally in love with Aloe Vera Juice after a cleanse!!! Thanks Whitney I
    got the idea from you in one of your previous tutorials;) 

  23. wanderlust__ says:

    How long did it take you to grow your hair that long?

  24. missj Stephens says:

    That homemade coconut oil cond for protein sensitive hair i have yet to try
    i really want to

  25. Nai 99 says:

    Looking forward to the video on how you use the coconut oil :) 

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