Men Hair Design at Eikonic House of Barbers

From the latest men’s hairstyles, to our signature hot towel shaves, to recommending the most suitable skin care regimen – Eikonic specializes in the grooming needs of the urban gentleman. Not all haircuts should be created equal. Let our barbering crew create your Eikonic look — a polished hairstyle that easy to wear and is unique to you and your personality. The Revival of Men’s Grooming has Begun…

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  1. erdjan ahmedov says:

    barber shop is very nicy but you have need from some turkish barber theare

  2. nathan19d says:

    What’s the song called?

  3. jacobplatas says:

    They suck at designs , look at that ugly star

  4. paul bromley says:

    it was looking good till earpiercing?? and then face waxing? fook me girly barbershop.

  5. fredosauce85 says:

    awesome!!!! looks very professional…i wouldnt mind working their..

  6. imaiyarules says:

    what song is this?

  7. banananas999 says:

    I Love you guys!

  8. roy gutierrez says:

    why am i watching this?

  9. Shane TheBarber says:

    I wouldn’t let a person with tourettes shave my face either. I never said women can’t do it, I said I wouldn’t want a woman to shave my face. Save your sensitive, politically correct, nonsense for the guys that wanna hold hands and sing kumbaya. I was strictly giving my opinion, and thoughts of what I believe a barbershop should have. I’m guessing you go to this place? That’s fine, I go to a place that has men discussing politics, sports, news, and woman. Not which cucumbers to put on my eyes.

  10. King OfKings says:

    Yes I stereotyped u because u stereotyped first. Read what you wrote.
    They clearly do more than just ure average barber.
    What rules are u talking about? Live outside the box. It wasn’t sexist to say that u wouldn’t let a woman shave ure face? I’m pretty sure that’s exactly being sexist. Women have the ability to do many things men can as well, you know?

  11. Shane TheBarber says:

    Barbershops and the art of Barbering are for men. I didn’t make the rules so don’t get mad at me. I never once said anything sexist, but I see you stereo typed me. By the way I don’t drink light beer, that’s for boys trying to watch their girlish figure. So stay in your lane playboy!

  12. King OfKings says:

    wow. someone is ignorant? You could easily shave a women’s leg if you wanted to. Just like a woman can be educated on how to give a proper hot towel/straight razor shave, where most men don’t even know how to properly do it. Keep your masculine insecurities and sexist comments to yourself. Grab a light beer, nachos put on your cap and hoodie or jersey and watch the football game.

  13. Shane TheBarber says:

    I feel like I need a tanning booth, pink shirt and a cup of trendy designer coffee. Way too metro sexual. Ear piercing should not be done in a barbershop. I don’t shave a women’s leg why would I want her to shave my face? I’m sure this place makes a lot of money and guys that watch Jersey shore love it.

  14. Jeff E. says:

    Great Presentation. Great Work. Great Company.

  15. Finelinesbarber7 says:

    Nice verry nice

  16. briyumbero7 says:

    Im very impressed with the shop lay out ! I would def. give you guys a A+++++++ this is how i want my shop to look when i open up business. Thanks for the inspiration .

  17. zirtable says:

    very nice barberschop greets from belguim

  18. Joel Griffin says:

    Wow wish I lived near you guys. I could do with one of your barbers/salons.

  19. dynamiceducator says:


  20. dynamiceducator says:

    wow!!!…..I wish I was in Canada

  21. EikonicBarbers says:

    Thanks for the post. Eikonic House of Barbers is located at:
    50 Peel Centre Drive, Suite 107
    Brampton, Ontario, Canada
    L6T 0E2

    Eikonic’s phone number is: 905-790-0200

    Visit us at eikonicmane,com

  22. remarkable1954 says:

    Awesome. Where u located?

  23. TheVl3T says:

    Cool ad. =D

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