Mane Attraction: His Voice, Her Hair! (Official Video Recap)

Take a peek into our recent natural hair event: Mane Attraction: His Voice, Her Hair! A ground- breaking, thought provoking, panel discussion on how men feel about women with natural hair in relation to their lives, relationships, and societal views. “Mane Attraction: His Voice, Her Hair!” was an interactive one-day affair that immersed guests in an artistic experience, showcasing: a candid discussion, a curl confessional room, an interactive mural, a photo booth, vendors, giveaways and much more! Video Credit: Emiliano Styles Additional Curl Confessional footage: Mane Moves TV Still Photography: Ajami Myrie and Sergio Fermin For more information about Curly Girl Collective: Twitter: @ILOVECGC Instagram: @CurlyGirlCollective

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  1. NoTrueFace1 says:

    ok my sound isn’t working, but I’m guessing this has something to do with american black women not liking that frizzy hair.

    Well, I’m white and I don’t know what significance that may have, but I think fros are roughly the sexiest hair out there. Also, fake always sucks.

  2. khymalee says:

    I would love to have a meetup like your in our area. I live in Upstate NY and there is notjing like this even on a small scale. Great job

  3. ILOVECGC says:

    Hi Jiggymig! Currently, our events are based in the tri-state area, but we are open to new locations. Sign up to our mailing list at curlygirlcollective (dot)com to be the first to know about our upcoming events! Thanks for the support!

  4. Mignon S says:

    When and where is your next event?….I would like to attend.

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