Lunch with Joseline Hernandez’s hairstylist

We stopped for lunch on our way to do hair for the NEA award show. And OSASERE (Joseline’s hairstylist from Love & Hip Hop AtL) is over the team (us) of hair…

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  1. MegaFaith25 says:

    So happy you

  2. MegaFaith25 says:


  3. Eyecandiee Mandiee says:

    I sooooo need to be there!!!!

  4. Darius Thomas says:

    Yall betta lay them heads !!Heey Lyn

  5. The Glamour BOX says:

    Hey TRE!!!

  6. The Glamour BOX says:

    Thank you =)

  7. Illwillco01 says:

    Beautiful Ladies!

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