Keyonna Curly/Natural Hair Stylist Interview Part 1

Keyonna’s info below****************** To watch Part 2, click on this link: To reach Keyonna: Website: www.keyonnat…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Anna Reynolds says:

    omg i love her!

  2. djsugah says:

    she’s got beautiful curls, i like the color too, it is the golden middle
    sort of, not too bright

  3. Jasmine Thomas says:

    I really enjoyed this interview. Hopefully I would cross paths with the
    both of you. Also check me out instagram @royaldestiny_jasminethomas

  4. CurlyKimmyStar says:

    @mixedgurlwitcurls road trip, LOL! :-)

  5. CurlyKimmyStar says:

    @MlleCafeAuLait YAY!! :-)

  6. MakeupanBeautyJunkie says:

    Keyonna Hair is the Bomb Dot Com ( *~*)

  7. CurlyKimmyStar says:

    @A2Sue FABULOUS!!! Make sure you tell her I sent you! :-) XO

  8. CurlyKimmyStar says:

    @Anette8189 Thanks so much for watching and for your comment!! XOXO

  9. CurlyKimmyStar says:

    Definitely call her! Her number is listed in the description box! :-) Her
    price ranges from around 80-130 depending on what you get. Thanks!

  10. Loulou Matou says:

    she has fab hair!! and yes dry cuts are def the best! thanks for uploading,
    i enjoyed the interview.

  11. Pedrhina says:

    omg shes in Cali!!!! yay…

  12. CurlyKimmyStar says:

    @Judit1661 Thanks so much for watching and commenting! XO

  13. A2Sue says:

    Thanks for this info. I’ll be making an appointment for a “shape-up” during
    my next visit to L.A.

  14. Mlle.CafeAuLait says:

    WOW…her hair is FAB! AND her Studio is literally walking distance from
    me……*appointment time* :)

  15. mixedgurlwitcurls says:

    wow i want her to do my hair to bad i live in nebraska lol

  16. CurlyKimmyStar says:

    @OnicaTaylor Thanks so much! I’m glad you enjoyed it! XOXO

  17. BumbleBeeVee says:

    Great interview. So enjoyed it!!!!! On to part two. Thanks for sharing. Her
    hair looks AMAZING. Love it……

  18. CurlyKimmyStar says:

    @lipstickloveaffair I know, her hair is beautiful! :-) Thanks for your

  19. CurlyKimmyStar says:

    @djsugah yes, GORGEOUS!!! :-)

  20. CurlyKimmyStar says:

    You should check her out! She’s AMAZING!! :-)

  21. CurlyKimmyStar says:

    @MakeupanBeautyJunkie I know, I saw it, too. I will never understand
    people. :-( Thanks for your support! XO

  22. CurlyKimmyStar says:

    You’re welcome! I’m glad it was helpful!! :-)

  23. Prettiface8 says:

    Great job!

  24. lovlyeb99 says:

    OMG!!! A Cali natural hair stylist I’m so glad u made this video

  25. CurlyKimmyStar says:

    Thanks so much!! :-)

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