Keratin Glue Hair Extensions by Euphora (Best Hair Salon in Queens NY)

KERATIN GLUE HAIR EXTENSIONS ; Pre-bonded hair extensions are pieces of hair with a small amount of bonding glue that is preapplied to the tip of the hair. T…
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  1. Adaeze Talbalt says:

    I got mine sowed! Lol I don’t like glue….. Hair…. 

  2. eric thomas says:

    not a good video

  3. RavingRapture says:

    I’ve had Keratin glue hair extensions and I loved them, removal was a bit
    painful but my hair was hardly damaged and they lasted a long time. The
    only downside is how expensive they are.

  4. Madlen Linz says:

    The model is so ugly how she is looking all the time so arrogant . so fugly

  5. easternhair says:

    great video! thanks for sharing

  6. Mariana says:

    As you can see…

  7. Arshi A says:

    It costs $380 guys 

  8. Kursten Barton says:

    Can anyone tell me how much this would cost?

  9. Mona Alan says:


  10. Daphneamy360 says:

    Can it be done on mixed coolie Indian Hair and were in Brooklyn NY and New
    York city does this?

  11. Whitney Baker says:

    How much do these extensions usually cost???

  12. Lisa M says:

    What’s the smallest amount of hair one can glue on. I’d like to do the
    crown of my head but don’t want all those notches there.

  13. Ingris Mariano says:

    Hello can you please tell me from where you get your keratin glue.. Or did
    you sell it.. Greetings ingris

  14. Kasey Smith says:

    Are you using hot glue?

  15. Fay Thorpe says:

    The model looks like a man!!!

  16. Renzie Wilson says:

    Very nice.

  17. roberto ramirez says:


  18. bloo kandi says:

    Where can i find to purchase keratin glue for hair extensions?

  19. ilovezkittiez says:

    +Daja Hardt that’s not a doll

  20. Bibi Blue says:

    Wow I wish ur in Vancouver Canada 

  21. Fay Thorpe says:

    I’ve had my hair done like that and it completely ruined my hair.. Micro
    beads and clip ins r the only ones to use!!!

  22. Daja Hardt says:

    That model is a doll.go watch closer

  23. Common Lawni says:

    model looks amazin!

  24. Josh Smith says:

    The application technique is completely wrong the bonds are not sealed and
    will complete shed and there far too close to the scalp I bet the model was
    in a lot of pain for a couple of weeks!

  25. Sammiestarboy says:

    I had a feather extension put in today by this method, I think these are
    better because they last longer by this gluing method!

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