K-TOWN – Hair Chalking Tutorial by JASMINE CHANG

Love is in the hAIR Everybody wants to experiment with colors without chemically damaging your hair right? Well you are on the RIGHT YouTube link for HAIR CH…

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  1. La Nicolybear says:

    yet you still read it ha get a life

  2. Bianca Wright says:

    You offend me. 

  3. Bianca Wright says:


  4. BulgarianShadow says:

    I read all the posts on here. I realize this is a very good clip. My older brother simply wishes to get powerful with the ladies. He learned a shit load from Master Attraction. (Google it if you want pretty good emails on picking up girls.) The help and advice relating to how to get chicks through night clubs in the emails through that site gave got him his first sex in 2 long years. I’ve been pissed though due to the fact I heard them all. Offending.

  5. Sharon Chu says:

    That happened to me! Exept it was at the back of my PJs so my whole back was pink. Lol

  6. h2okhhgd says:


  7. Asuna Yuuki says:


  8. Elise Haltrich says:

    OH MY GOD A PUP!!!!

  9. Jennifer Tran says:

    Asians are not even different from white people ? there look is only different, country & language and more.. But if your normally born in us or those top English countries, its ok ?

  10. Linz Cass says:


  11. Chloe Nguyen says:

    I -3 t.o.p. !!!

  12. Roxy Pixi says:

    Leave The Poor Pup Alown

  13. pterra9 says:

    some do, but some are made with talcum powder, look for those they are safer to use. darker colors have less talcum powder, the lighter ones are almost like “watered down” with talcum powder to get lighter colors like the dian townsend pastels are made that way

  14. Diana Vo says:

    Leave her alone fags

  15. Hawa Kawah says:

    And why is your avatar a black person, anyways? Looks pretty ANIME-ISH to me, I bet any one would agree. Pendejo.

  16. Hawa Kawah says:

    Actually no, I didn’t, bitch. Reading Shakespeare doesn’t mean I want to be Shakespeare. Dressing as a killer on Halloween doesn’t mean the person actually wants to take a human life. Don’t cop an attitude with me because your dumb ass self doesn’t get the VERY OBVIOUS thing I was trying to say. Vaffanculo.

  17. La Nicolybear says:

    you dumbass you just defined “black girls trying to be asian” XD i never said any of those things. now go pick your face up and gtfo from under my comments. enough time wasted on you -block- :)

  18. Hawa Kawah says:

    Black girls don’t try to be Asian. Wearing clothes that are ‘popular’ in Korean/Japanese culture or reading manga/watching anime is in no way trying to be Asian. Some black girls even look legit while doing it. Just saying. If you were to dye your hair red are you trying to be Irish? No. It’s a silly assumption and the black/Asian comment was too.

  19. vanessaieroway says:

    T.O.P. 3

  20. mochi c says:

    Nope! It’ll be powdery (:

  21. salimbdjsr says:

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  22. La Nicolybear says:

    ewww yes. not a good look.

  23. MainsstreamSucks says:

    LMFAO :D  do black girls trying to be asian even exist? :D

  24. La Nicolybear says:

    yea or black girls trying to be asian lol xD I think thats worse!

  25. MainsstreamSucks says:

    still better than caucasian girls trying too hard to be asian :D

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