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Here is what i’ve been loving through June Thumbs up if you enjoyed it and for midweek videos! Products Mentioned: Soap & Glory Rich & Foamous Shower Gel Soa…

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  1. Jaci Williams says:

    I have been stuck on level 65 on Candy Crush for a while now and it has ticked me off so much! hahaha!

  2. Astrid Skarin says:

    My friends dad made candycrush!!

  3. GalaxyKes says:

    your top is so cute!

  4. Jellybellygirl10 says:

    I love candy crush to I am on level 133 so additive

  5. NurseNessy828 says:

    You’re so cute Zoe! Love your favorites videos they make me smile, thank you.


    Golden grahams- worst breakup of my life

  7. Sarah Sofocleous says:


  8. tessjeah says:

    you can just forward the time on your Phone/tablet, so you wil get extra lifes. one for each 30 minutes!

  9. oliverjameslane says:

    Oh my god, golden grahams are the best cereal in the world! I was deprived the whole time that you couldn’t buy them! You can always guarantee to get them in sainsburys :)

  10. Sarah Young says:

    OMG! I need that pug dress! It looks so adorable on you! SO JEALOUS! :D

  11. Riley Lapham says:

    I’ve been loving the blue corn mask from the body shop! It’s amazing x

  12. Riley Lapham says:

    I’ve been loving t

  13. Rubi Flower says:

    I do the touch wood thing too! Except my family and I say ‘Toca Madera’ which translates to ‘Knock on Wood’ :)

  14. lovejustinbieber902 says:

    your room looks very cozy :)

  15. babyangelwingsYT says:

    I love your videos. xox

  16. Maike Brüchert says:

    Oh yes, wanna see the Igel (german word ;-) ) in the garden too! Loved this video, you are such a sweet person <3

  17. RoseyMiss says:

    you are so cute ahaha

  18. Katiekatiekatie28 says:

    You probably know this but if you would like to feed the hedgehogs, you can feed them cat food!

  19. kmackenziep says:

    I can’t get past level 65 on candy crush and im very angry

  20. AmandaOliviaxo says:

    your top is so adorable! :’)

  21. 411glamgirl says:

    do a blog of the hedgehogs and pictures I want to see ten pleaseeee

  22. Steph Rollison says:

    You are the cutest! xxx

  23. Mercedes Alvarez says:

    kelloggs makes real golden grahams, you have the rip of nestle crap, im so sorry, i hate when nestle gives the same names to their copies because then you feel like its the original but its not and they fool so many people. (most of the time the nestle ones arent too bad, but it is a little bit different)

  24. natball157 says:

    I’ve tried lush products!! and i absolutely love them!!

  25. Christine Safa says:

    7:44 Yaaay i’m a french viewer :p

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