How to (Perm) Touch Up black hair

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  1. UniqueStyle220 says:

    all the time

  2. sandiann82 says:

    Mucho thanks

  3. sandiann82 says:

    God is sooooooooooooooo good…I LOVE Him sooooooooooooooooooo MUCH

  4. sandiann82 says:

    Thanks that my ace

  5. sandiann82 says:

    You will love the results

  6. sandiann82 says:


  7. Shannon920 says:

    This was a wonderful video! Be blessed…..

  8. UniqueStyle220 says:

    i love what u said about God it was so beautifullll

  9. pigsnum1 says:

    Spiderman is toooo cute back there!!!

  10. ruth480152 says:

    next time i get a perm i wil wrap my hair wet

  11. Msjaibrezzi says:

    wow how is she still able to talk so much with relaxer on her head omg

  12. Jboogie098 says:

    lol don’t worry i won’t die my own hair :) i probably wont die it at all

  13. sandiann82 says:

    Well only if you know what your doing lol…Thanks so much for watching :)

  14. Jboogie098 says:

    an amazing video, i didn’t know u could perm your hair without going into a salon… the ending was the best part <3 :)

  15. sandiann82 says:

    Thanks 4 your comment Turly its my hair and i prefer 2 wear it permed I have worn my natural hair for most of my life and to anyone who choose to wear there hair like that 2 each her own. Everyone has different grades of hair and how they choose to wear should not be questioned whats 4 me is 4 me and whats 4 u is 4 u and thats the freedom of being who you are I Love God more than anything and anyone in the world and the way he made me. My hair is God given no matter how i choose to style it

  16. tearzovjoy77 says:

    soo what youre sayin that you’ve rather hav amsingle super straight hair than a full head of god given hair?? thats really ignant!!

  17. kayshondria95 says:

    luv your videos and my friend she spent more than hour with her perm i wonder what did she do but is it true by basing your hair with petroleum jelly and by putting it on your roots and scalp that when you put your perm its not going to burn your scalp and roots

  18. tjcp32289 says:

    You’re welcome and yup all I use is a silk scarf with a hair net on top of it to keep it on throughout the night I used to use cotton but not anymore

  19. sandiann82 says:

    Thanks so much for your feedback…I love wrapping it the results are amaing beacuse i dosen’t dry your hair like the blow dryer dose.Be sure to use a silk scarf the cotton one soak up the oils in your hair and drys it out as well

  20. tjcp32289 says:

    Then if its like that then do the whole head when was the last time you got a relaxer?

  21. jebeja says:

    “Only touch up new growth not the whole head if you have previously relaxed hair, etc.” but my whole head seriously needs to be permed, and if I only do the ‘ends’ I’ll look like even more of a fuzz ball.

  22. tjcp32289 says:

    Only perm the whole head on hair that has never been relaxed before but with a touch up you can do it between 8-13 weeks depending on how fast your hair grows and only touch up the new growth not the whole head if you have previously relaxed hair because the ends are already straight if you relax hair over and over that has already been relaxed before you will see breakage and shedding,,with a touch up ONLY the edges and the roots

  23. tjcp32289 says:

    This is actually a good video and I know next time when I get a fresh perm to just wrap it wet and take it down the next day good idea

  24. jebeja says:

    So what you’re saying and showing is, you never perm the whole head, only parts of it??? How does the whole head get ‘straight’ if you only do a portion of it??? Thanks.

  25. MontriaA says:

    I most certainly will! Thanks for all of ur helpful tips! Happy Sunday, God Bless :0))

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