How To Grow Your Edges Back? Tips For Growing Thicker Longer Hair Edges

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  1. Curesha Griffin says:

    I love all your videos and your really pretty

  2. Donna Kinnison says:

    I really enjoyed the video on growing back the edges. 

  3. Morrocanprincess says:

    Jamaican black castor oil smells foul I tried it and the smell is

  4. Fidaus Munkaila says:

    I love your videos

  5. Stephiex says:

    JBCO does miraclesssssss!!!! 

  6. June Jacob says:

    Hi Breanna I am transitioning for the first time and my hair is in a mess I
    dont know what things to use in my hair. One of my friends is using dark
    and lovely au naturale products but she already natural and also to use the
    jbc oil but were I’m from it is hard to get. I am also content plating if I
    should use jbc oil, coconut oil or shea butter. Can a beer help with my
    transitioning hair. What should I do?. Need some help. 

  7. Pweddigurlshan Boothe says:

    I can’t flat twist what’s not there :( 

  8. Ajo Fitz says:

    Hello,i am soo sick!!! My hair never grows and my soul feels
    empty.sometimes,i feeel like a man and it depresses me more to see men with
    long an Africa and i have tried all means to have my hair grown
    but…eat well,use vegetables,fruit in treatinng my hair,olive oils bla
    blala and yet still it takes like forever to havve an inch.this is all i
    yearn for.i love long hairs and i dnt want to carry some othe woman’s hair
    on my head all the insulting to my inner being but it like it my
    only choice.can you help me?am tired.maybe something am doing wrong or am
    not doing.i want to lock my hair now but am afraid it might not grow as it
    should.i fucking love long hair!!!!! 

  9. Esha Brazzier says:

    What is flat twist BTW love your videos

  10. Alysha Sanchez says:

    OMG I love it miracles just happened thxs!!

  11. Latosha Gates says:

    Can you do a tutorial on how to do havana twist or box braids with thin
    edges plz thx

  12. Kenyetta Foster says:

    Hi how do you grow your hair

  13. NiangoChan says:

    What on earth is a flat twist?

  14. angela oteng says:

    can u pls give us a video of u duing it

  15. ohlaaax says:

    A factor people aren’t aware of is the way you tie your scarf. If you’re
    knotting it right above your forehead, tying the headscarf tight and
    constantly pushing the knot back because it’s slipping, you’re quite
    possibly pushing your hairline back! My suggestion would be to wear two
    scarves: one around the perimeter of your head and another on top to cover
    the crown unless you prefer to just wear a bonnet atop the first scarf

  16. Rensly TV says:

    I have the “Jamaican Black Caster Oil Extra Dark” the original authentic
    Jamaican Black Caster Oil. Can I use that for my edges instead ? Because I
    don’t have the “Jamaican Black Caster Oil All Purpose Healing Oil” Please
    Reply :/

  17. tuombe chimpaye says:

    hey beauty i really love your things you really are a talented person

  18. NaptuRo90 says:

    Wow! very informative! I think I watched this video like 3 times! Keep up
    the excellent work! +Breanna Rutter 

  19. tie bella says:

    I’m suffering from alopecia and I have mixed hair how do I get my edges to
    grow back what do I use that won’t clog my pores I was using Dr miracle
    napelon temple hair grow but I don’t think it’s working well I was using
    can to leave in conditioner but I really think that caused my pores and I
    was using Shea Moisture to keep my hair curly so that I wouldn’t put a flat
    iron in it so that I can try to help it grow out what do you think I should
    use for my hair to grow back I was also getting shots in my hair but I hate
    getting the shots very painful

  20. Patrice W says:

    yes. Jamaican Black Castor Oil really does help. A LOT. wonderful stuff!!!!

  21. PecsInDaCity says:

    Great video. My niece is having problems with her edges. I sent this link
    to her. Thanks!

  22. David Harrison says:

    I am a teenager, I have thinning hairline, however I see an improvement and
    it’s thickening, because I applied onion juice before, but now I do coconut
    oil and rub cut up garlic on my edges. Is what I am doing right? 

  23. crazymusicgrl says:

    I got told as a child that baby hairs do not grow from people who relaxed a
    lot and so my parents took that as a fact. surprisingly after 1 month of
    vitamins they grow back, every since then I have put down the relaxer.

  24. PoliteTia says:

    Thank you for the vlog. The Black Jamaican Castor oil did nothing for my
    edges. I will try the flat twist and incorporate the Black Jamaican Castor

  25. Kiki Solo says:

    Hey there! I have a question. is it possible for hairlines that have
    fallen out due to pressure (alopecia) to grow back, and if son what’s the
    best possible method?

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