How To Do The Hair Chalk Trend

CLICK HERE FOR MORE CHALKING TIPS & TRICKS: Hi guys! Here’s a fun tutorial on how temporary color your hair, ombre color the ends of your hair, add color streaks to your hair, using “hair chalking”. Hair chalking is not new, but I thought it is so fun and it really works to color your hair. It is a little messy- so just keep that in mind- may not be the best idea to do this when it’s raining outside! Ha Ha HA All you need is” A water bottle (optional) Soft Pastels Chalk (like from the art store) *DO NOT USE OIL PASTELS – it will stain the hair. *a flat iron or curling iron to seal the color in Protective Gloves And then just have fun coloring your hair! This is a really fun way to try out a hair color before you commit to doing it more permanently. So have fun doing ombre color to your hair, adding color highlights or strips- just be careful it doesn’t get all over your pillow case! FACEBOOK: TWITTER: My personal BLOGGY: My other youtube channel Have a good hair day and tons of fun, huge hugs, kandee

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  1. MimiBunnyMassacre Monroe says:

    Hahaha my hair is soft too but like when I Bleached it, it does dry your hair but it goes back to its softness. and the point of bleaching is so the color will show up a lot more better c: Comme On..Give it try

  2. imakawaiigirl says:

    this is awesome!! I’m a crafter, so I can use the pastels for this and crafting ;)

  3. sunsetclaw12 says:

    Oh.. I hate people who do that.

  4. pieblue123 says:

    Super firewall try it :-) 

  5. VeraHahaa says:

    How long did your dyed hair last?x

  6. FatToti says:

    Thank you. I found this video incredibly easy to masturbate to.

  7. Loraine Ramos says:

    A W E S O M E!! the best one I’ve seen on YouTube thank you :) btw LOVE your eyes

  8. Harley Evans says:

    I’ve done this before and it totally works awesome!

  9. Cici Mustacheo says:

    You look like Jenna marbles

  10. Kimmy Kim says:

    It comes out on it’s own and right away when you take a shower

  11. DidUMissMe101 says:

    Please subscribe to my channel thank you :)

  12. Roisin Dunne says:

    I’m going to dress up as a mermaid for carnaval this weekend and this is perfect!

  13. TheRunningDoe99 says:

    does this work with dark blond hair and how long does it stay in?

  14. Andrea Enke says:

    it washes out in one wash from what ive heard. im about to try this today or tomorrow! :)

  15. caitie usher says:

    is it ok to sleep in if you like wear a hat

  16. letscrawl1 says:

    can i not use hair spray…doesnt that stop chalk from spreading

  17. Megs Pullar says:

    Yes it does work, i tried it out and it looked really nice

  18. alena kalgares says:

    its alright honey u can just wash ur hands it will goo ^^

  19. Lisa Oates says:

    wait…how long does it lasts????…..

  20. Lisa Oates says:

    omg so pretty ^w^

  21. Michelle Matsuo says:

    Love this my daughter has been asking me to do her tips blue this is perfect temp color btw I love ur tutorials love your personality too cute

  22. michelle mendez says:

    you look like one of the gypsy sisters

  23. xoxosomeday says:

    I love this! whats the song you played throughout the video?

  24. Catriona Knox says:

    it was one of those “oh i can’t believe i was bla bla etc ” thingys so yah

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