How to Color Hair | Ombre Balayage Hair Color Technique FULL LENGTH

Samantha demonstrates how to do a variation of the ombre balayage hair color technique used in the salon to retouch a classic ombre. Subscribe Now for Hair &…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Maren Kritz says:

    i went to cosmetology school years ago and i wish we would of learned
    techniques like these. very to the point and very well executed , made it
    very easy to follow kudos great viD!!

  2. LuxuryLemonade says:

    The client’s hair looks SO damaged

  3. Deborah Rodriguez says:

    I love this !! its beautiful

  4. Bella Tina says:

    THAT was a catwalk hair not for everyday wear. I wonder how many hours was
    spent sitting in that chair… 

  5. Shopaholicanonymous1 says:

    she looked more youthful before now she looks a little old and dated…i
    think it would be better if the color was defused a little its to brassy 

  6. Sasha Von Kirsch says:

    That is super nice job!
    Can you make a video for short/angels bob ombre and/or ashy blonde ,with
    the same technic ,kind of frosty winter look, pretty pretty please!)

  7. Nazi says:

    What’s up with the big blond patch in the front on bang section?

  8. Michelle Casamassa says:

    Very LOVELY result. Great detailed instructions. Thank you.

  9. skyville5 says:

    The word “use” can be used instead of “utilizing”.. That was said way too

  10. Zachary Bell says:

    So technically this is pretty much a base color that transitions into into
    a lighter base color with biolage high lights. This technique is a great
    technique if you desire that result, but is not a traditional ombre that
    most clients desire. 

  11. Love South France says:

    Great video, very helpful. Thanks!

  12. i2icontact says:

    Looks Beautiful….. :)
    thank you for sharing..

  13. Kermit D. Allen Jr. says:


  14. M Ald says:

    a big DISLIKE

  15. perla daniel says:

    It’s hard doing it that way I think free painting is better and faster

  16. Miss Tina says:

    In my opinion I don’t think the dark hair looks good on her since she look
    young. It should be lighter. I understand everyone saying it look outdated.
    When it comes to color go with her age and her personality. just my

  17. Peqeliiciious says:

    I like the technique, but no de colors

  18. Danielle Stapleton says:

    I wasn’t totally in love with this, I know it’s supposed to be a subtle
    change hence it not just being Ombre or ‘dip dye’ but I think the blonde
    pieces in her fringe are too far and spoil it. it would look gorgeous
    without the chunks of blonde/copper in her fringe it just looks unnatural.
    Everyone to their own though. P.s amazing technique of the sectioning, so
    much care taken to do this wish all hair dressers was so precise and

  19. Mahnaz Arbabi says:

    just awesome

  20. sfacanthony says:

    The “weird coloring in the fringe” is my favorite part!! Samantha took the
    normal ombre look to the next level!!! LOVE IT! GREAT JOB!

  21. denise hairdeesign says:

    excellent tutorial thanks

  22. Gary Taylor says:


  23. Liz Winowiecki says:

    is it difficult to rinse the colors out at the shampoo bowl (w/out staining
    the blonde)?

  24. PeachyMangoPie says:

    Wow she’s awesome and generous enough to enrich us with her amazing
    knowledge to us viewers .

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